CoachBC said

troubled Breville tea maker

I have a Breville tea maker and the basket quit working. When I plug it it the basket light flashes for 2 minutes, then a reset message pops up in the digital readout. Breville said all I could do was pay the $120, wait for the shipping label to come and send it to them. Has anyone else experienced their machine/basket just quitting. Any parts replacements been performed or suggested. looking for any help or ideas to get this back to working.

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Dustin said

Is the $120 for repair costs?! I have the glass variable temp Breville kettle and it’s the third Breville kettle I’ve had, as in others died. The first was still under warranty, but the second wasn’t. For such an expensive item I expected either a longer warranty or more durable item. When my current one breaks I’m going for a different brand to replace it. Unfortunately these are often made without longevity and ability to repair in mind. Are there other brands that do tea makers around the cost of repair for the Breville?

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eBay may be of benefit to you. Some people are selling just the base, some are selling the kettle or even just the basket lid. You’ll see prices all over the place. A lot of times the higher prices for used parts are just an intentional shot in the dark by the sellers to see if someone bites, and they’ll accept a reasonable offer from a buyer.

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