NoviCha said

What Tea blogs do you read/own?

I am wondering what tea blogs are you all reading. I have seen multiple topics like this on steepster but they are old and many of them dont exist anymore.
So what are you reading? Or do you own any tea blogs?

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I follow LiquidProust on Instagram. He also has a tea store through etsy and is a member here.

cwyn’s blog is marvelous.

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NoviCha said

Since I opened this Discussion, I made my own blog as well, so I’ll put it here if anyone is interested:

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Shae said

I really like Steep, Sip, and Repeat + I just found out the blogger is here on Steepster!

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Inkling said

Ooo, loving the recommendations! I’ll be checking some of these out for sure, but the only tea blog I read regularly right now is Char’s: I found her through Steepster, though I don’t believe she’s active here anymore. However, she updates her blog frequently with detailed tea reviews and photos and she is super knowledgeable, especially about puerh and oolong!

NoviCha said

She is the only one I follow too, thats why i posted this discussion haha, I live the blog but I wanna see what else is there!

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Leafhopper said

I like Oolong Owl as well!

I also read Nicole Wilson’s Tea for Me Please for her interesting reviews and Friday tea blog roundups:
Geoffrey Norman’s Steep Stories has quirky and entertaining stories about tea:
I also read Tea in Spoons for its focus on Canadian tea companies:

This is just scratching the surface of the tea blogging world and I’m sure lots of other people will chime in.

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AJ said

Mine’s very slow-paced, and focuses specifically on books written on tea (non-fiction).

Otherwise, I read Tea For Me Please sometimes, largely checking out her Friday Roundups to see if any interesting blogs pop up. Plus she’s been reviewing tea-modules lately, which strikes my fancy. (Just as it sounds) (If you like poetic posts/meditation) (I pop in mostly just for the tea-book reviews) (For the interesting teas)

There’s several more I vaguely circle; I use Bloglovin to keep track of things.

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J-P said

I read Cwyn’s blog – bit worried as she’s not very active, though I’m sure the tea is keeping her going. I also like ‘tea in the ancient world’ and Oolong Owl.

+ Some other reads:
Wilson’s ‘Travelling Teapot’ –
NorthernTeaist (a Swede who blogs about tea) –
Mattcha – Canadian tea-blogger:
Hou de Fine (vendor) blog full of facts:

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LuckyMe said

I don’t read tea blogs as regularly as I used to. It seems people are using social media for that nowadays. But here are some of the ones I used to follow and/or occasionally check:

Hojo’s blog

Ricardo’s Japanese tea blog

Tales of Japanese Green Tea

Oolong Owl

Tea For Me Please

Verdant Tea’s blog

Nicole, who runs the Tea For Me Please blog, also has a tea channel on YouTube. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my favorite, the prolific Youtube tea vlogger Don from Mei Leaf.

Inkling said

Thanks for sharing about some YouTube channels as well! I’d love to find some more good tea videos. Jenni King (who used to be lolainred here on Steepster) posts mainly book content and vlogs these days, but used to do some really fun tea videos. I haven’t really found anyone else I enjoy watching, so I’m eager to check out Nicole and Don!

LuckyMe said

Inkling I’m sure you’ll love the Mei Leaf channel, it’s easily the biggest tea channel on YouTube and a treasure trove of tea knowledge. Nicole has been blogging for a long time and used to post on Steepster as well. She has a fun little series going on at YouTube called “Husband Tea Torture.” Other YouTube tea channels worth checking out are:

TeaDB – lots of puerh tastings
Tea Geek – tea from a science angle
Yunnan Sourcing
Walker Tea Review – hasn’t been updated in years, but features some interesting teas

Thanks for turning me on to Jenni King. Reading is my other hobby and love it whenever I see the two combined!

Inkling said

Thanks for the additional YouTube suggestions! I’ll check them out. And hope you enjoy Jenni’s channel…I find her content delightful. :)

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Shae said

LuckyMe makes a great point about social media. Does anyone have any favorites on Instagram that might not have a website or blog?

LuckyMe said

Shae there are so many great tea blogs on IG!

teanebs – beautiful tea photography. focused on Japanese tea, oolongs, and puerh

ros_strange – the most prolific user of Steepster!

chasingtea – amazing array of teawares

teaaholic – Canadian tea blogger

steapd_tea – Marco’s blog

teafoodpairing – unique blog focused on different tea + food combinations

bokchik2989 – former Steepsterite. lots of puerh and teaware

teacurious – tastings, experiments, tea travels. lots of great tea knowledge

theteafairy – another former Steepsterite. tea photography with a gothic touch

zerozen_artlab – stunning tea photography

tea4fitlife – Polish tea blogger

tea_happiness – a tea sommelier’s blog

tea_tography – tea photography blog

teaformeplease – Nicole’s tea blog

sencha_and_fruit – Japanese green tea blog

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It’s really cool being mentioned on here (tea in the ancient world).

I don’t read lots of blogs now but have some favorites, like Steep Stories, Mattcha’s blog, TeaDB, and Death by Tea. Tea Addict’s Journal is dormant but it’s worth paging around as a reference. Late Steeps is something really different; his posts on pu’er storage experiments are unique (indirectly related to the Teas We Like source). A tea maker friend posts a bit on tea production in a blog section related to the Wuyi Origin vendor site, and Farmerleaf does videos like that, really good reference content (but on Youtube instead).

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