Geek Steep: Tea & Fandom Podcast! (Now in SEASON THREE!)

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Only two episodes behind this time, so maybe I’m getting better at this backlog thing??

Geek Steep S3E13 – Cowboy Bebop
What We Covered: Episodes 1-5

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Song Zhong Phoenix Oolong Charcoal Roasted – The Chinese Tea Shop
Cherry Blossom – DAVIDsTEA

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Parlour Room Blend – Murchie’s Tea & Coffee
2015 Moonlight Sonata – Whispering Pines Tea Co.

Geek Steep S3E14 – Everything Everywhere All At Once

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Yuja Balhyocha – Soocha Tea
Sweet Thai Iced Tea Powder – Rishi
Sweet Starflower Oolong – Rishi
Honey & Ginseng Green Iced Tea – Arizona
Silk Road Chai – Epice des Cru

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Coming of Age 2019 Raw Pu’erh – Volition Tea Co.
Sakura – Lupicia

…and of course we look forward to steeping and geeking out with you all for our next episode, which will be focused around the Daredevil TV series!

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Embracing the backlog…

Geek Steep S3E15 – Daredevil (TV Series)
What We Covered: Season 1, Episodes 1-3

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Rouge Delice – Dammann Freres
Cinnamon Oolong – DAVIDsTEA

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Crimson – Chroma Tea
Red Bone – Flyest Tea

Geek Steep S3E16 – Downton Abbey (TV Series)
What We Covered: Season 1, Episodes 1-3

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Imperial Breakfast – Lot 35
Orange Jasmine – Tea Forte

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Earl Grey Darjeeling – Lemon Lily
Rhubarb & Custard – Biscuit & Brew

Geek Steep S3E17 – Paper Girls (Graphic Novel)
What We Covered: Volume 1-2

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Lime Bomb – Brutaliteas
Butterbotch – Brutaliteas

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Electric Blue Lemonade – The Tea Girl
Orchid Oolong – Seven Teahouse

See y’all in a few months for my next backlogged update ;)

Inkling said

The Downton Abbey episode made me laugh out loud! :D Would LOVE to hear you two discuss a Jane Austen novel/film at some point…

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As promised, it’s been three months and I have a whole bunch of backlogged episodes to post about now! We actually officially finished season three about a moth ago, and yesterday was the last of our annual “Top Geek” and “Top Steep” episodes – so we’ll be starting 2024 with a fresh season!

We still have a few placeholders in our season outline for viewer suggested fandoms, so now’s the prime time to let us know what you’d like to see covered!

…and without further ado…

Geek Steep S3E18 – Castlevania (Anime)
What We Covered: Castlevania S1 Ep 1-4 + Castlevania Nocturne S1 Ep 1-4

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Campfires & Vampires – Bird & Blend
Fire On The Mountain – Old Barrel Tea

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Superstitious Sweet Licorice – Snarky Tea
Applevania – Retro Leaf Tea

Geek Steep S3E19 – The Three Body Problem (Novel)

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Osmanthus Oolong – Seven Tea House
Orchid Flavoured Bi Luo Chun – ???

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Children of The Candy Corn – BrutaliTeas
Dahongpao Oolong (Big Red Robe) – iTeaworld
Dahongpao – white2tea

Geek Steep S3E20 – Firefly (TV Series)

Marika’s Featured Teas:
Black Gold Biluochun – Tea Runners
2021 Lil Boo Mini – white2tea

Kelly’s Featured Teas:
Dragon Fruit Rooibos – Tea Runners
Up In Smoke – The Silk Tea Co.

Geek Steep AMA!

Marika’s Featured Tea:
Candy Cane Crush – DAVIDsTEA

Kelly’s Featured Tea:
Ho-Ho-Hoji-chai – Steven Smith Teamaker

Geek Steep: Top Geeks 2023!

Marika’s Featured Tea:
Fate Control – Friday Afternoon Tea

Kelly’s Featured Tea:
Circle of Life – Trader Nick’s Tea Co.

Geek Steep: Top Steeps 2023!

Marika’s & Kelly’s Featured Tea:
Sweet Starflower Oolong – Rishi

…and with that, we’ll see you all in 2024 for Season Four!!

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Dustin said

I was hoping y’all would cover the Expanse series and then remembered that the first novel has vomit zombies in space. Such a bummer because it is an incredibly well written universe IMO! AND the narrator of the audiobooks, Jefferson Mays, is equally amazing.
Battlestar Galactica remake from 20 years ago? I don’t know how you’d pick a stand alone episode tho.
Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog?
The new Studio Ghibli movie, The Boy and the Heron? That one was a wild fever dream that I need to see again!

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