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Maya Tea https://www.mayatea.com/
Cinco de Maya sale 5 tea samples for $5

Shame they deliver only in North America. It sounds like a sweet deal.

You got me Michelle! I had to do it. Bought some samples and a couple 2 ounces not on sale. Free shipping at $25! If it helps anyone, it looks like they have some similar teas to Simple Loose Leaf and Plum Deluxe. (sorry Martin!)

AJRimmer said

I ordered too! Though only one of the things I bought was on sale, so my savings were $1…no regrets!

Oh no! haha. Well, I still owe you a swap package, so you are definitely welcome to any that I bought that you want to try. :D

Oh well tea-sipper, I thought you are on buying ban!

I’m definitely on a buy ban Martin, but sometimes I give in.

Not that we need a reason to get more tea, but it seemed like a good deal. I got the prickly pear black, don’t think I’ve ever seen that combo before.

Shae said

Whispering Pines
10% off sale begins now! Ends Sunday at midnight.


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