Steepster Select #010 Giveaway

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Vortegne said

For me it’s usually the smell that gives it away. Often I will know I like the tea if I like the smell. But to fully feel the taste I have to drink at least two cups in the evening and then some more in the morning. And then maybe a cup a week later. Then I will get the full picture.

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Jason select said

UPDATE: And the randomly selected winner is … Mercuryhime! (

Mercuryhime is the proud winner of this month’s Steepster Select box. If you didn’t win, no worries. We have a contest each month, so check back for details in the discussions.

Kittenna said

Congrats Mercuryhime! :D

Thanks! I was so excited to hear the news! :D

Yay congrats!

Azzrian said

CONGRATS!!!! :) WOO HOOOO We have a winnar!


Nice job!

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Bonnie said

congrats Merc!

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