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Steepster Select #007 Giveaway

UPDATE: And the randomly selected winner is … SimplyJenW! (http://steepster.com/SimplyJenW)

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How much tea do you drink? How often?

Good luck!

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Brian said

Almost everyday & about 12-24 oz per day? If I’m up late working (or doing absolutely nothing… like lurking on reddit), I’ll go through a few more cups.

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C-chan said

My aunt was once asked by her doctor how many cups of tea she drank per day. Her answer was “one or two pots”.

That’s approximately right for me as well. Depending on the pot, of course. ;)

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1 to 2 cups per day, in the afternoon. Usually a no- or low-caffeine tea, unless Im’ feeling particularly tired, and then I’ll go the black tea route.

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Well… one 1L thermos at uni and then probably 5 0.5L mugs throughout the nite if not more.
OH! Depends completely what I’m doing – tomorrow I’ll be on a research boat for 8hrs straight and don’t think there will be too many tea breaks…

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Katie said

I drink 2 or 3 cups just about every day. :) A couple times a week I fill my big water bottle with 32 oz. of iced green tea and drink that throughout the day.

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I drink tea every day! I tend to get through two 16oz. mugs in the office and sometimes have a little more at home afterwards (and occasionally before work).

On a weekend when I can just enjoy myself, I will go through a couple of pots and/or 2-3 different types of teas served in a gaiwan gong fu style.

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kOmpir said

I drink 2 to 8 cups per day, in morning it’s one or two cuppas and the rest I drink according to mood, spare time and … memory (some days I just forget about it). Sometimes when I get late night munchies (I don’t do pot) I quench it with some herbal or fruit tea.

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Melissa said

I’ve gone through two pots of tea in one sitting on multiple occasions, but I’ve had to cut down after emptying three tins of roobois in the span of two weeks. As of late, I’ve only been having one cup of black tea in the morning (roobois was my go-to night time tea, and I would usually have two cups of that).

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SimplyJenW said

Everyday! Roughly 3-4 24 oz pots worth. I have given up coffee and diet soda since starting on loose leaf. In the morning, a breakfast tea. In the late morning/afternoon, just about anything goes. And the one at the end of the day is usually an herbal.

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Every day! 1 or 2 cups in the morning, 3-4 in the afternoon, and a herbal tea before going to sleep :-)

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