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Tea + Music

I was surprised to see that the last post discussing tea and music was over 2 full years old! Do you guys have a favorite song/album/playlist to listen to when enjoying longer tea sessions?

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Often when I’m drinking Gong Fu I’ll try to pick an album to play in the background to match the overall tone of the session – usually something fairly calm/mellow that works as a consistent backdrop. Iron & Wine, Lorde, Jack Johnson, and Glass Animals are all current favourites dependent on the tea I’m drinking/vibe I’m going for.

I also quite often will do individual tea and song pairings where I’ll pre-select a song to listen to while I drink a mug of Western prepared tea. Usually I’ll try to match the tone of the singers voice/beat to the kind of vibes I either get already when drinking the tea or that I want to enhance the feeling of during the tasting. I like to think of those kind of curated ‘pairings’ as enhancing both the tea and song in the same way that a tea and food pairing might bring out different things in both beverage and dish that change how one would be experienced individually.

Some Examples:




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Roswell, I was just listening to Glass Animals yesterday! I guess my answer to the original question would be that I drink tea all day and listen to music all day, or else as much as possible, especially in the NY winters when I’m inside more.

Ah! Glass Animals are so great! Favourite songs are definitely Gooey, Agnes, and Hazey though I’ve yet to hear one I didn’t like :)

Yep, I like them all but I was obsessed with Cocoa Hooves for a while for some reason.

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Desmoface said

Ahhh, tea and Morrissey/The Smith’s.


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Irina said

Emancipator, Lo-Fi playlist, general jazz or meditation or chillstep music.

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Here are three musicians and musical moments for tea ceremonies.

1: For tea rejuvenation and pure joy.
Pascananita – Luzmila Carpio (Ballet PEDRO POVEDA)

2: For tea harmony, blessings and refreshment.
Krishna Das – Sri Argala Stotram – Show Me Love

3: For spiritual tea enlightenment and awakening.
Shakuhachi [The Japanese Flute] – Kohachiro Miyata (Full)

Have a fantastic tea day.

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Tea and 80’s heavy metal!

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I’m fond of listening to extreme metal while I do gongfu sessions (things like black metal, death metal, war metal, sludge, etc.) or hard rock, classic heavy metal, progressive metal/rock, psychedelia, jazz, classical, or film music. It just depends on my mood or how long I plan on being. It’s not uncommon for me to switch up among various genres or listen to more than one record over the course of a tea session. If I’m just lounging on the couch or sitting at my kitchen table drinking a few glasses of tea while I kill time, I usually listen to older thrash and speed metal, old hardcore punk, new wave, or older alternative/indie rock.

I just realized this thread got bumped from the grave (likely by a spammer) after I responded to it. Shows how much I pay attention.

No matter, tea & music – always relevant!

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