Current tisane favorites?

Hi all,

I’m so close to being out of lockdown (with respect to non-true teas only) that I can almost taste it.

So that I’ll have something to look forward to, what are some of your favorite currently available tisanes? In this category I would count herbal teas, fruit blends, flavored rooibos, flavored honeybush — essentially anything that doesn’t have caffeine and isn’t a decaf tea or some other decaf (do they have decaf yerba mate? never mind, I don’t like yerba mate)?

I’m interested in blends available now, obviously. Too many of my old favorites have been discontinued. I like fruit flavors of all sorts, as well as desserty stuff — things that are supposed to taste like pastries (e.g., carrot cake), chocolate, caramel, cinnamon, etc. I don’t tend to adore savory herbals but I do like well done blends with lemongrass in them as well as really good chamomile (doesn’t taste like a mouthful of musty dead flowers but instead tastes creamy and sweet), lavender blends, etc. I have a mint I like but I’d be willing to consider new minty blends as well.

With regard to rooibos and honeybush, my primary consideration is that it doesn’t have any hint of wood chip. The more the base is basically silent, the more likely it is I’ll like it.

Oh, and I no longer hate hibiscus. Stunningly, I have developed a taste for it.

If in doubt, just throw it out there — I want options!

Thanks so much for your help!

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A mix of some of my current favourites:

Wintergreen – Camellia Sinensis (Herbal)
Pear Blossom – DAVIDsTEA (Herbal/Fruit Infusion)
Blueberry Muffin – DAVIDsTEA (Herbal/Fruit Infusion)
Krishna Tulsi – Terroir Tea (Herbal)
Psychocandy – August Uncommon (Rooibos)
Carcadet Fraise Pistache – Dammann Freres (Herbal/Fruit Infusion)

In the interest of disclosure, I do currently work for DAVIDsTEA so I’m probably at least a little biased with those recommendations.

Also, both Pear Blossom and Psychocandy are currently available however they’re also both limited edition.

Great, thanks for the suggestions! I did notice that David’s has a lot of interesting flavors, and I have been wanting to buy some of their stuff for years (but was on lockdown).

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Midsummer Night’s Dream-David’s Tea(Herbal Fruit tea citrus,floral.)
May I ask why your on ‘lockdown’?

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m on lockdown because I have more tea than I may be able to drink in my lifetime. :-)

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Skysamurai said

Oh man… where do I begin. As much as I love tea there are plenty of tisanes to love too.

My current two favorites… make that 3 lol
Evening in Missoula (herbal)- Indigo Tea Co
Golden Honeydew (green rooibois)- Lupicia
Hazelnut Rooibos – Tea Queens

Let me know if you want to try any of those before buying.
I consult for Steeped and Tea Queens but I don’t hold back my judgement. lol And there are plenty of other companies I like

Thanks for the suggestions! These sound great!

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Arby said

Christmas Eve – Stash (wintermint, cinnamon peel)
Korean steamed mulberry leaf – Silk Road Teas
Forever Nuts – David’s Tea (toasted almond, cinnamon, apple)
Birthday cake – David’s Tea (honeybush/rooibos blend that tastes like cake frosting)
Spearmint – David’s Tea
Jardin de savauge -Lupicia (fruity rooibos, pineapple, mango, papaya, apricot, lightly floral)
Caramel and Rum – Lupicia

Sadly, DAVIDsTEA no longer carries Spearmint anymore :(

Arby said

What!? Noooo
I never heard they retired it. Good thing I have my tin half full.

Thanks for the suggestions, Arby!

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Nefarious said

the only tisane that I drink regularly is just infused rose buds. I love the natural sweet taste and the surprising yellow/green liquor that comes from those little red buds. It’s my evening zero-caffeine drink of choice. The best ones ever got were from the Bizarre in Istanbul. Sadly my job doesn’t take me there any more but I have a few other pricier suppliers

Sounds lovely.

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