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Steepster Select October Giveaway

UPDATE: And the randomly selected winner is … Teawench! (http://steepster.com/Teawench)

Teawench is the proud winner of our the October Steepster Select box. If you didn’t win, no worries. We have a contest each month to see who wins that month’s box. Check back in the discussions for details.

We’re back for the 2nd Steepster Select giveaway. Answer the question below and you could win the Select’s October box. The winner will be chosen randomly after the contest closes on Friday 9/23.

Which is your favorite tea company and why?

Good luck!

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My favorite tea company: Chicago Tea Garden

Why? I went to a tea tasting at the company’s warehouse and found it informative and enjoyable. I believe the owner is serious about tea; he has a passion for it, and I respect that. Plus, even though the shop does not have a large assortment of teas for sale, the ones it has are almost all very good, and they have some unusual/unique choices that are difficult to find anywhere else (Zealong, for instance). Their teas are always shipped in tins, which is a nice extra, and the labels are clear and easy to read.

(I should note it’s not easy to pick one tea company as a favorite, though. There are many tea companies whose offerings I enjoy and drink frequently.)

Jason select said

They do have great teas. Tony knows his stuff!

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Spot52 select said

Fave: Den’s

I love their fresh teas, and the affordable options. They have the best at the best prices. Their customer service is top notch as well. If you like Japanese Greens, they are the place for you.

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I have several favorites, so to choose 1 is difficult. I chose mine based on who gets most of the money I spend on tea, and that would be:

52Teas: Frank is a genius when it comes to creating unusual yet delicious blends. And he’s a great guy too, and always responsive to his customers.

I figured I could probably go on and on about other companies, because there are a lot of great ones out there, but, that would be opening a pandora’s box of sorts, out of fear that I’d forget one and hurt feelings unintentionally.

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teawing said

Like Infusin_Susan and LiberTEAS picking one tea company out of so many wonderful merchants is difficult. I have enjoyed many teas from a variety of companies. That said, there are currently more Harney & Sons teas in my cupboard than any other. I have not been disappointed by any H&S tea I have bought or had shared with me. Therefore, I rest my case.

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Angrboda said

My favourite tea company changes fairly often to be honest. Right now I think I would probably say Shang Tea is pretty much near the top of the list. There are three important reasons for this choice.

1. I have been fortunate enough to try several things for them because other Steepsterites have been sweet enough to share samples with me, and I have consistently liked their products. Even things which I didn’t actually expect to like much.

2. I experienced some excellent customer service on their part recently. I asked them what it would cost in shipping for me to buy something from them, and was at first given an extremely high shipping cost, and so decided that not even tea sprinkled with diamonds was worth that. But the people at Shang Tea remembered me. The sought out a different solution which was well within the price I’m willing to pay for shipping and helped me get an order put together through email and paypal. It made me feel like they went out of their way to help me, and it really makes a customer feel very much appreciated.

3. Their production is based in Fujian, China. Everything they sell is Fujian tea. My very favourite most ever tea producing area in the world is Fujian, China. I don’t think I need to elaborate further on this point, do I?

I do very much wish that it was possible for me to shop much much more with them. If I could, I would keep a steady supply of Tangerine Blossom and of Clear Jade Orchid.

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Uniquity said

My favourite? David’s Tea. While I have my gripes (corporate bottom line, overly perky staff, consistently bitter take-out tea) this company brought me into the world of loose leaf over a year and a half ago and they still manage to keep me coming back. I own dozens of their teas, and have more than a few that must be on hand at all times. For flavoured teas, I haven’t found anyone who can consistently compare to them, and I love that they make tea seem more accesible to the ‘uninitiated.’ More tea drinkers means more demand means more tea companies and more options. That, I love! Also, I’ve had tremendous customer service from them. Though the company is clearly focused on making money they also seem to really care that their customers are satisfied and make every effort to appease.

MaddHatter said

I second your vote! And their store on LoJo in Victoria kicks butt for service!!

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Mel said

Den’s Tea
I love the prices and ease of using their website. They have a link to steepster for each tea, I love that.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Japanese tea, since there’s so much to learn. Their sample pack helped the beginning of my obsession. Every tea I’ve ordered from them are teas I would order again. I like that they always give you a sample of a certain tea with every order. And if you request, they will give you a sample of the one you want to try (learned that from a fellow steepster!)

And I am addicted to their pineapple sencha, been having it iced all summer long.

Spot52 select said

And how cool is it that they are offering a 99 cent Kyusu with a 35 dollar purchase? They often have fun offers.

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David’s Tea,
I was drinking tea before but it’s only since a store opened near my place that I really begin my loose leaf tea ’’addiction’’. I’m now getting more tea from other company but DT is the one that introduce me to it. May be in one year from now it will be different. ;) Their costumer service is great too.

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I’ll have to jump on and say DavidsTea, mostly because they are what got me hooked on this addiction. They weren’t my first tea experience (nor my last) but they are definitely the grounding force that keeps my cupboard full.

The best part about their teas is how good they taste without any additives! That alone keeps me coming back for more.

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MaddHatter said

I have a special place in my heart for DAVIDsTEA, mostly because no matter how many times my brother tugged me along to Murchies I just could not see tea as a part of my life style, until I walked into DAVIDs (at Hillside Mall) and although some of their tactics are very “Safeway” with how they treat customers; warm smiles, finding ways to get to know repeat customers on a first name basis, and learning repeat customers likes ect. DAVIDsTEA will always be my first love.


Murchies is starting to leave an impression on me as I delve more deeply into how teas taste and as I look for a company that is less, “Starbucks” this is the company for me and they come as closed to Winston’s Tea Company, without having to drive 3 hours for refills when my cupboard dwindles.

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