AvidArtist said

Barisieur Tea Brewing Alarm Clock: Waking up to a fresh cup of tea

Imagine how great it would be to wake to a freshly brewed cup of tea every morning! The Barisieur Tea Alarm Clock does just this. There are only about 44 hours left to support the project as of this writing…let’s help them meet their goal and make this wonderful tea brewer a reality! I can smell the tea brewing already… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/393281213/the-barisieur-designer-coffee-and-tea-alarm-clock

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AllanK said

Interesting but very pricy. Total price of 295 pounds if you want one of these. It also looks like it would be better at coffee than tea. I would probably buy this if the price was noticeably less. But am not going to spend something like $600 on. For that price I will keep steeping my tea in the morning myself. On the other hand, if they build the thing and the price comes down to a more reasonable sum, maybe.

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Brian said

i dont need a machine to make my tea. people are lazy :-P

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