New Steepster Friends Chatroom

Previously, the Steepster Chat was on Chatzy. However, we recently all moved to Slack

Slack is free, lets us have more people, private message, lots of customization, and the invite system means less spammers. There is also a really nice mobile app.

Invites are sent via email address.

To Join

1. Contact Be sure to include your Steepster name, or other social media! (Steepster PM if able).

2. Reply here in this thread. This is to confirm who you say you are in your email.

Tea Vendors are welcome on a case by case basis. Generally, acceptance is you are involved in the social tea community. Blatant advertising or using member data will get you banned.

Insert cliché clause of we reserve the right to decline people who don’t have much steepster history or who hasn’t been vouched for on other social media such as Instagram.

2021 edit: I understand Steepster is slow, so I encourage you to provide your Instagram or Twitter to show you aren’t a crazy person or a vendor. Half of the emails I get asking to join are spam or not enough info that I am unsure you are a human or bot.

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What about subliminal advertising?

Not allowed! But if it’s done well, we won’t notice! ;)

Besides that, I consider you a friend first, and a vendor second, you are more than welcome! =D

I’d love an invite. I can’t be there all the time but I’ll pop in from time to time to say hi.

t-ching said

Why so I suddenly crave top of the clouds… Weird.

Invite sent! Behave well, no advertising!

I’m gonna brew me up some Bulang Gushu Shou to stay vigilant, so don’t get any ideas!

This made me laugh xD

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yyz said

Sent a request!

Welcome to the new Chat! =)

yyz said


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t-ching said

Sent a request!

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OMGsrsly said

Why a burner email? I think I already have an account on Slack, although I’ve never used it.

if one digs hard enough we can see your email address. There’s no way to hide it at this time but Slack has been harassed about it.

Some people don’t want others to see their email. edit, same time only letting people in we know so we shouldn’t have any problems. If any problems arise I will ban them.

OMGsrsly said

Ahh, ok. My email is basically this username, so I don’t really care. :) Once I get home I’ll check and email!

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Equusfell said

Request sent! I wasn’t part of the previous generation (my eyes must have seriously skipped over the sticky!) but I’d be interested in this one!

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Tealizzy said

Request sent!


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Brian said

i might have to join this….

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My name’s Andrew and I approve of this message.

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Dexter said

I just sent a request.

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not so sneaky bump

Aren’t owls suppose to sneak around when the sun is down?

ninja daytime owl

/head spins around

owl pellet bump

I’m not sober (tea)… so excuse me:

Where my owls at? WOOT WOOT Where my owls at?

Introduction song when Oolong Owl walks from behind a wall with a pot in hand with steam following behind.

stealth owl bump 2.1

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