Steepster Bug Status Thread

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Leafhopper said

Me, too! And Steepster was working so well…

Shae said

Does anyone from Adagio check this thread? I posted an issue here and in the Steepster migration thread about a month ago and my tea kettle issue hasn’t been resolved yet. Is there another way to reach them?

Todd said

In case any admins see this, email notifications to Gmail addresses are getting marked as spam. I notice from the headers there’s no SPF policy for Steepster. Setting that up would probably help with this issue. Thanks!

I am also having this issue. I (was one of the lucky ones) that always received my e-mail notifications as set up in my profile, and noticed that in the last few weeks, every single e-mail from Steepster immediately goes to spam in my GMail. It doesn’t matter how much I mark it as “Not Spam”, it continues to be put there. Would very much like this fixed.

Shae said

Now that you mention it, I haven’t gotten any email notifications from Steepster in a long time.

Todd said

Yeah, I added to my contacts, and that didn’t help either.

Leafhopper said

I stopped getting email notifications from Steepster sometime last year.

ashmanra said

I think mine stopped about three years ago and that’s not on gmail, it is Roadrunner.

gmathis said

It could just be slow activity in general, but is anybody else’s dashboard stuck?

Mine seems fine. If you ever think it’s stuck, you can compare the latest notes from to easily tell.

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