Jasmine tea is my very favorite tea, so when I saw this at the local grocery store I knew I had to try it. The price put me off, as it was double the price of the brands I know and like, and I was reluctant to buy a whole box of expensive tea I might not enjoy, even though I don’t balk at tea prices and am quite willing to pay more for a good tea. That said, price is no indicator of quality when it comes to tea, so I’m wary of expensive teas. I’ve bought quite a few and some of the “top-tier” teas aren’t nearly as good as some things I’ve found in tea bags at the local grocery store! I knew Mighty Leaf was a good brand, so when I saw teas on sale the other day I gave in and bought some.

Normally I’m a “bulk tea” person – tea bags just don’t make the same cup in my opinion. These bags though? Worth the price. These aren’t tiny little standard-size paper tea bags. These are large silk sachets that are biodegradable leave plenty of room for the tea to expand and release the flavor.

The tea itself is drinkable. Delicate. Not as jasmine-y as some I love. The aroma is also delicate; not at all potent/heady like other jasmine teas. It’s certainly flavorful and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste some jasmine teas do. While certainly drinkable, it’s not an instant favorite of mine. Worth the price? Not for me with this tea. I’ll drink the box I have, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again. In my opinion, there are better jasmine teas out there for the money.

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