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drank Persian Earl Grey by Lipton
5 tasting notes

I don’t… hate this tea, in fact I drink it when I go and visit my mum, so it has a fairly happy association for me. Still, it’s always given me the impression of tasting kind of… fuzzy. If it weren’t for the weird, fuzzy taste, it’d be any other cup of Lipton EG, but with it, it’s a bit like rubbing your lips against peach fuzz. I realise this is a strange association to have with a tea, but it’s true!

Good, but only in very small doses. This is not an every day tea, in my opinion. This is the tea you keep in the back of your cupboard and drink when you’ve run out of nearly everything else.

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drank Earl Grey by Garant
5 tasting notes

This is a good tea; unexpectedly good for something that comes from a generic brand! That being said, I find this tea a lot more temperamental than most of the other blends of Earl Grey I’ve tried. It’s good, especially for its price, and for me one 150g bag lasts close to a month. However, it also gets very dusty towards the end of the bag, which I fight off by shaking the dust out of the tea ball/tea infuser beforehand, but even after shaking it for a minute or two, I often find that the last four-five cups I get out of this tea leave dusty tea fanning residue on the botton of my cup. Not so good! I blame the packing, which is very pretty (Garant hired some great graphic designers for their teas!), but not so great at keeping everything fresh, so transfer it to a tin if you have one.

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This is one of the few teas where over-steeping really does ruin the tea for me (hey, I’m forgetful, and the internet is full of distractions).
I always end up buying this tea at the train station, and it’s one of the few teas sold on-the-go in my area that doesn’t taste like sorrow and buyer’s regret. It’s good, standard Earl Grey, just do not let it steep too long or it will taste horrible.

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drank Örtte by Garant
5 tasting notes

I was SO skeptical about this tea, having only bought it, on sale, because I figured I needed a few non-caffeinated tisanes around. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be fantastic! This unassuming, generically-named herbal tea is great in the evening, especially with a squeeze of honey.

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Garant
5 tasting notes

This is what I’d give to anyone who is curious, but intimidated, by the prospect of a smoky black tea. The tea within the pyramid bags is far from dust, and is light enough to keep people who know little about loose leaf from choking on an over-full cup of lapsang. That being said, it still tastes like proper lapsang, with that great smoky scent wafting from the cup and lingering on after the cup’s been drained dry. Perfect for tea beginners, lazy folks, and those of us who have a bad habit of stuffing the tea ball with too many leaves.

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I study at uni, and I drink a shitton of tea. I do more of the latter than the former.

I am currently having an intense, passionate love affair with lapsang souchong. I live with two really crappy landlords right now, but I am never going to hold any lingering resentment against my landlady because she introduced me to lapsang.

That being said, Earl Grey will always be my first love. I also unexpectedly fell for Darjeeling, which was quite the surprise!

The only tea I’ve ever truly disliked is English Breakfast. I know it’s intended to be consumed with milk and sugar, but I always drink tea straight (or with one sugar) and I will forever be scarred by memories of a 5-day trip to Paris where bagged EB was the only tea I could get my hands on. (Paris was great though, bad tea aside!)


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