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This one has grown on me. I still prefer the other blends, but it’s been more enjoyable in the fall. It’s technically a winter tea if you are going by the Capricorn sign, but the maple, apple, and pumpkin flavors together are distinct for a fall harvest. It works cold, but I prefer it hot so far.

My girlfriend continues to love it. The apples were more prominent recently than the pumpkin making me enjoy it more when I think “caramel maple apple”. It’s also not bad for when I’m sick. Feels good on my throat. I taste hints of spices. Still earthy.

Flavors: Apple, Apple Skins, Caramel, Earth, Fig, Floral, Malt, Maple Syrup, Nuts, Pastries, Pumpkin, Spices, Wood

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Sometimes, this tea tastes like cream soda when I cold brew it. The Sarsaparilla might be an exaggeration, but this has the same rooty quality with the vanilla in the background. The cherry I wrote is more of a psychological hint, or finish distinct to the vanilla. I’m already almost done with this tea and keep coming back to it. This vanilla tea is significantly lighter than most and not overly malty. Another one I might get more of. I’m hovering between an 87-90 right now in terms of rating.

Flavors: Caramel, Cream, Malt, Roots, Vanilla

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One of the best teas I have right now. Fluxes between 97-100, but mostly gong fu, western, and tumbler/grandpa. Supremely balanced florals, sweet like a creamy tropical dessert, pure like a mountain spring. Plumeria is a certain floral with some magnolia, and some definite pineapple too. There’s a lot more to it, but the flavors consistently change and offer up something cool in long or short steeps. I’ll come back to it, but I really love it.

Flavors: Butter, Coconut, Cream, Freshly Cut Grass, Fruit Tree Flowers, Fruity, Lilac, Lily, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plumeria

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Easily my favorite so far. Yes, I’m an Aries, but I’m glad it wasn’t blended as a chai or a rooibos tea just cause Aries=fire and war and the Mars ruling. Aries is not the same as Ares, however, and is more agrarian/rebirth/spring focused in theme. My sign’s symbol is the ram that became the golden fleece, and the magical ram that helped rescue a bunch of mythical royals from eminent death, than willingly sacrificed itself as an offering to the gods….so yeah, my sign is super ram.

Mythology aside, this is a really unique blend because it combines a gabba oolong with the green teas. I also think the rose and bergamot and blackberry combo helps sweeten the tea immensely, giving a floral edge. The vanilla, if it’s still there, smoothens out the other teas together. It’s not prominent, however, and is mostly in the background. My mom tried it, and thought it reminded her of a more masculine cologne. It’s not in soapy territory though, it’s very natural and fruity. The Reishi adds a little bit of earth to it to, but the teas more on the juicy side. Not sure how to describe it other than sweet floral mushroom.

Again, I really, really hope it doesn’t get reblended and am digging the greener profile of this tea. It works gong fu or western, so it’s obviously floral and therefore a winner for me.

Flavors: Bergamot, Blackberry, Floral, Freshly Cut Grass, Fruity, Juicy, Mushrooms, Rose, Sweet, Vanilla

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One of the first signs that made me go “OOOOooooo” when browsing. One of the clearest blue pea flower teas I’ve had yet. Tasting it, it reminds me distinctly of Booberry cereal and milk. Differentiating the flavors is a bit difficult, though they are all there. I smell the deeply silky florals of the jasmine and magnolia and blueberry in the dryleaf, and again in the cup. The taste is much the same, and gets sweeter as it cools. I rebrewed this one 6 times in total…western.

Another one I reallllyyy like. I’m going to have to come back to it, and I hope it also stays around. I also hope the other Astrology teas are as good.

Flavors: Blueberry, Cream, Floral, Fruity, Jasmine, Magnolia, Milk, Sweet, Vanilla

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Sneaking winner. I was originally going to dismiss this one as a vanilla tea, but then I saw it had golden monkey…so the company is upping their blend game with higher quality tea.

I’d hate to say it, but there are a lot of similarities to Golden Orchid. The tea is actually not too strong or to bitter. Lot’s of caramel and powdered cocoa qualities from the tea that naturally mesh with the vanilla. There was actually a piece of a whole vanilla bean in the leaves…so yeah, vanilla-maybe even maple in terms of natural sweetness. There’s a little bit of a red fruity note too, I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ve used tumbler and wester so far, and can usually remake it 3-4 times. I think it will likely gong fu.

My girlfriend hugged the mug when she sipped it. My mom enjoyed it too, with a little bit of sugar. I think it’s fine on its own personally, but would hesitate with cream because it’s a lighter black. Cream might enhance the tea more with larger serving of leaves, but the tea is naturally creamy on its own. I’ve gone through this one faster than I wanted to, and would definitely rebuy in the future. I hope it doesn’t get reblended.

Flavors: Brown Sugar, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Cream, Earth, Maple Syrup, Sarsaparilla, Smooth, Sweet, Vanilla

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Beautiful packaging, popular flavor on the site, and likely would be popular for people on here, but not my favorite so far.

The flavor combo is pretty cool and works as a maple tea. It’s better than most I’ve had, but there’s an earthy chai quality I’m not a huge fan of. The oolong is fairly prominent for my taste buds-the se chung ads a bit of a woody butter quality. The apples sweeten it with the monk fruit, but I’m not a huge fan of the monk fruit. I haven’t added sugar to this and only had it straight western so far, but it might need some sugar, or a splash of cream despite the tea being sweet. Fortunately, I was able to get 3 rebrews western increasing from an initial 3 minutes in steep 1.

My mom also didn’t like it, but my girlfriend-a native Michigander, mind you, loooooved it. Although Capricorn is a winter sign, this tea gives off a lot of fall vibes. Again, a lot of people would like it, though the earthy chai qualities with the maple and greener/medium oolong throw me off. I need to try it more to have a better opinion, and one of my capricorn friends to see what they think.

Flavors: Earth, Maple, Nuts, Nutty, Pumpkin, Wood

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drank Happy Heart by Magic Hour
1545 tasting notes

I also drank this one in a sip down quickly. I used it as a work tea/calm the f down tea, and it was comforting. Oddly sweeter as a coldbrew, but the matcha didn’t mix as well. Again, I like the flavor profile more than Bohemian Breakfast, but it’s not as complex. I’m going to miss this one and would likely reorder in the future. It had the right combo of amino acids and flavor to cool me down.

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Sip down….a fast one. I’m half tempted to raise the rating. If I didn’t already order the current Astrology samples, I would have gotten a Jar of this one. I apologize for any pandering in this review, but I could easily seeing this as my breakfast tea. It’s got enough malt and energy for me, it’s got no astringency and barely any bitterness, it’s got an unconventional flavor profile matching creamy vanilla with creamy and woody pu-erh+black tea sweetened by subtle pomegranate and currant, and best of all-no headaches. I’ve used it at work, into cream and sugar latte form with collagen protein justifying my use of calories, and blended it with some Jin Jun Mei. The Jin Jun Mei brought out more dark chocolate, malt, and pomegranate somehow. There was also more astringency and breadsiness.

Either way, I’m missing it already. I might raise the rating, but it only get’s through 2-3 rebrews.

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Tried this out with cream and sugar-much better. The chicory +cocoa combo= more coffee like tasting tea overall.

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First Off, Current Targets:

Whispering Pines Alice
Good Luxurious Work Teas
Wang Family’s Jasmine Shanlinxi
Spring, Winter Taiwan High Mountain Oolongs

Dislikes: Heavy Tannin, Astringency, Bitterness, or Fake Flavor, Overly herby herbal or aged teas

Picky with: Higher Oxidation Oolongs, Red Oolongs (Some I love, others give me headaches or are almost too sweet), Mint Teas

Currently, my stash is overflowing. Among my favorites are What-Cha’s Lishan Black, Amber Gaba Oolong, Lishan Oolong, Qilan Oolong, White Rhino, Kenya Silver Needle, Tong Mu Lapsang Black (Unsmoked); Whispering Pines Alice, Taiwanese Assam, Wang’s Shanlinxi, Cuifeng, Dayuling, Jasmine Shan Lin Xi; Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co.“Old Style” Dong Ding, Mandala Milk Oolong; Paru’s Milk Oolong


I am an MSU graduate, and current alternative ed. high school social studies and history teacher. I formerly minored in anthropology, and I love Egyptian and classical history. I love to read, write, draw, paint, sculpt, fence(with a sword), practice calisthenics on rings, lift weights, workout, relax, and drink a cuppa tea…or twenty.

I’ve been drinking green and black teas ever since I was little living in Hawaii. Eastern Asian influence was prominent with my friends and where I grew up, so I’ve been exposed to some tea culture at a young age. I’ve come a long way since I began on steepster and now drink most teas gong fu, especially oolong. Any tea that is naturally creamy, fruity, or sweet without a lot of added flavoring ranks as a must have for me. I also love black teas and dark oolongs with the elusive “cocoa” note. My favorites are lighter Earl Greys, some white teas like What-Cha’s Kenyan offerings, most Hong-Cha’s, darker Darjeelings, almost anything from Nepal, Green Shan Lin Xi’s, and Greener Dong Dings. I’m in the process of trying Alishan’s. I also tend to really enjoy Yunnan Black or Red teas and white teas. I’m pickier with other teas like chamomile, green teas, and Masalas among several.

I used to give ratings, but now I only rate teas that have a strong impression on me. If I really like it, I’ll write it down.

I’ll enjoy a tea almost no matter what, even if the purpose is more medicinal, for it is my truest vice and addiction.


Michigan, USA

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