Zu Xiang Tea Factory (Yunnan Sourcing)

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Recent Tasting Notes

I tried this a week or so ago and did not like it. Trying it again tonight because I think I used too much leaf last time and maybe just wasn’t into in that night. And I have two cakes of it do figure out what to do with. I liked the previous version of this tea so I was sure I’d love this one. But now I’m remembering I wasn’t in love with the previous year’s cake at first either but it grew on me as I kept drinking it. Anyway, I’ve been listening to ballet music ‘til my ears bleed and I NEEDED TEA so might as well drink something I have a ton of, right?

I’m a little confused about what year this tea really is. The Yunnan Sourcing description says it was a March 2018 harvest pressed in 2019 so they’re selling it as the 2019 version of the tea…but the sticker on the back of the cake says 2020? There’s some Chinese I can’t read at all on the sticker but I’m pretty sure it says something about March 28, 2020. I dunno if that means it was harvested 2018, pressed in 2019 and then the 2020 date is like a release date or something? Or one of the dates given for this tea is wrong? I think the older cake I have was sold as 2018 and the sticker on the back also said 2018.

The 2018 had more fruity white tea flavors, I think. The 2019/2020/whatever-it-is cake seems like it’s leaning a bit more toward black tea already. Not completely black teas, but I feel like I’m getting more of that malty tongue-coating black tea type thing with this one than with the 2018. But I thought that was supposed to develop over time and this is supposed to be a fairly young cake? First gongfu steep isn’t super strong and has the fruity white tea flavors I expected but after that it smells and tastes more like black tea. But like black tea you made in a cup that still had a little white tea left in it. I don’t hate it like the first time I drank it but I’m not very excited about it. Hopefully it’ll grow on me like the 2018 did. Or maybe it’ll at least be something I can drink for sanity and the soothing powers of caffeine when I have to explain to my niece for the 9473736485th time why ballet newbs don’t get pointe shoes. Or something equally repetitive. I have a feeling these dance lessons are going to require a lot of tea. And eat into my tea budget (not that I have a shortage of tea, but still, the thought of running out is terrifying!). I’d forgotten how expensive dance paraphernalia is and how much more stuff ballet requires than other styles I’ve practiced.

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