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drank Pick Me Up Yaupon by YAYAYA Yaupon
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Cheap buy from Sprouts. $1.99 marked down from $10.99.

gmathis did a great job with describing it — “a cross between grass and roasted coffee.” https://steepster.com/gmathis/posts/424040

It’s light, smooth and sweet. Kind of like yerba maté but not whatever it is that defines yerba maté in my mind. The taste of high alkaloid content?

Tons of energy, not uncomfortable at all. I find myself thinking fast but not clearly. So this would be cool for making art or working outside but not while sitting at a desk doing work that requires a lot of juggling and attention to detail. Plus side – work day flies by.


I don’t know how people can drink energy drinks with all kinds of gnarly tasting ingredients when plants like yaupon and yerba maté exist.

Mastress Alita

I tried an energy drink once — and only once — and when I got speeding heart palpitations that frankly terrified me, I never touched them again. I find the high content L-Theanine greens seem to work the best on me, as far as tea-alertness.


I think energy drinks taste like antifreeze.

Martin Bednář

That sounds like a steal.
And good one. I felt similar when I have tried Yaupon; and I drank energydrinks before my night-shift inventory checks. I had only one bad experience with energy drink, exactly what Mastress Alita wrote about. I never returned to that brand and found one with lower, but more long-term effect.

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drank Pick Me Up Yaupon by YAYAYA Yaupon
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I approached my maiden cup of yaupon very carefully, because it was at work and in case it affected me strangely (visions of me zoning out at my desk in a peyote haze), I was very cautious with the steep time—a conservative three minutes instead of the 10-15 suggested on the packet.

Caution may have minimized the energizing effect, but I can definitely see and taste similarities to mate’. Tastes like a cross between green tea and roasted coffee, and made a nice little mid-morning eye opener on a blustery day.

derk to the rescue again!


Haha. Having encountered a cactus similar to peyote before, I can say it’s better partnered with nature than with work :)

“Tastes like a cross between green tea and roasted coffee” – good way to describe it. I feel like it has a gentle malty sweetness, too.

And there was another glitch on the site, so these last few notes of yours didn’t show up in my feed.


It has been a little hiccupy this week.

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Another box of tea I picked up for work. Normal price at Sprouts is $10.99?? I never bought it because of the price but last week I saw the two YAYAYA yaupon teas they carry were on clearance for $1.99. For such a deal, I chose to buy this one, having never tried yaupon before, the only caffeinated North American plant, which is in the holly family.

Something about the mix of that laced-with-smoke, I-dont’-know-what, kind-of-like-yerba-maté character of yaupon mixed with the peppermint, nettle and oatstraw… It confuses my brain. Like an arthritic finger appearing from the shadows, summoning one to “Come hither.” It feels like a forbidden witch’s brew. Sweet and cool, malty and nutritious. I don’t know what. Really difficult to describe but utterly fascinating. And utterly caffeinating. The coworker who shared his First Street black tea with me, as soon as he opened a packet of this, said something about the scent made his caffeine receptors tingle.

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