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This name is fitting. I’m sipping this in bed trying to calm down as my first appointment with my ob gyn is tomorrow. I’m 13 weeks. My husband’s snoring away and my doggy’s asleep on his new bed. I’m excited and anxious and nervous. I’m just thinking about so much. This is my first. And I have no idea what to expect.
This tea is aromatherapy. I’m breathing in the combination of lavender and chamomile and thinking happy baby thoughts.

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Hesper June

Congrats! Best of luck with the appointment. I am sure everything will go wonderfully :-)

Ashley Bain

Thank you! Everything was great! Got to hear the heartbeat so exciting!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Congrats Ashley!

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The hubby and I have been enjoying the sample of this one that I recently purchased from a local herb shop. He’d never tried a lapsang souchong before. I love opening him up to the world of tea! This is a pretty nice lapsang; steeps up a copper penny hue, not overly smoked. Although I do enjoy lapsangs a bit smokier and intense.

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Enjoyed a pot of this with breakfast this morning. My hubby pointed out how well it paired with the cinnamon rolls, it sure did! Jasmine tea is a nice start to the morning. It was a decent green tea with a nice amount of jasmine but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect jasmine tea out there, although I was glad to find this locally since it’s hard to find tea here!

Our family received a free Christmas tree today! I was so excited. Someone entered us into a free giveaway and we got to go pick out a tree. I chose a big, tall, fluffy one that just called to me and we loaded it up into the truck and then went and picked up some beautiful little golden pine cone-looking lights, red ornaments and a sparkly red skirt to match. We had this little 4 foot artificial tree up until this big guy that’s nearly touching the ceiling. I’ve never had a real tree before! :) It’s such a joy! Our apartment smells so lovely and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I love Christmas!

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Visited a local herb shop for the first time today after hearing much about it. They had every herb under the sun and a decent selection of teas, and the DH let me pick up a few and some ball jars to start my tea/herb collection again :) Good day. My Harney order of Paris, Hot Cinnamon Spice and Soho sample is scheduled to arrive by next Thursday. I’m a happy tea girl!

This is a pretty nice rooibos. Decently fresh and flavorful and makes me happy after the disappointing experience with The Republic of Teas Red Velvet Chocolate. I’ve always been a fan of a good cup of pure rooibos with some honey and a pinch of brown sugar.

Just got done watching The Dark Knight Rises for the second time, baked a chocolate cake and reorganized our teenie kitchen to make way for tea storage.
Anyone have any good ideas for tea storage in compact spaces? I am a fan of displaying my teas in the open.

And oh if you haven’t heard, Bodum has free shipping from now until December 31st! No minimum. I love their stuff so much.

Well I better try to get to sleep, the puppydog gets his staples out tomorrow. He’s 6 months and devoured an entire turkey carcass at Thanksgiving. We rushed him into surgery and they sliced him open and removed all the bones. Poor little guy :( Last time I take my eye off of him at someone elses house. Good news is he’s still his crazy little self. He’s a pitt mix. His name’s Devil Bain and he sure lives up to his name.

Hope everyone’s having a nice Friday night!

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