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This was the other tea from Westholme that my coworker brought back for us to try. She was a huge fan of this tea, but for me it made less of an impression that the white tea. I’d describe the taste as warming, woody, a little nutty and maybe just a smidge malty? However, overall I just felt like this was less flavourful than the white tea and a tiny bit flat/muted.

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A coworker recently spent some months in BC and ended up visiting Westholme while she was out there – she brought back a couple of the teas for us to try, which was incredibly sweet and thoughtful of her. I’ve had Westholme’s Canadian grown tea before – but only in blends and never straight, so this was really interesting for me!

This white tea is very pretty looking with larger leaves and a beautiful spread of colours among the leaves. It tasted really good but also quite strange for a white tea – not the flavours I ever would have ever expected to taste from this leaf style. Very, very nutty with hints of darker honey and milk chocolate. I had to double take because I was sure that I was looking at the wrong leaf for what we’d brewed up.

If this tea weren’t so freaking expensive, I would totally buy more. It’s unique and tasty!

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