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Westholme describes this as “accessible”, which I can see since it’s smooth and fairly easy to drink. It doesn’t stand out as particularly good – brisk, slightly toasted, a sort of classic tea profile that I associate with Tetley teabags. I would expect more from names like “Royal” and “golden” but for me, this is just fine. Fun to try so thanks for sharing Sil!

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When I was in Montreal I tried both smoked and spiced maple syrup and they were delicious. The spiced was packaged better for travel to bring it home so I got a jar. Today, I had woken up early as a friend swung by on her way to New York to ask me to a bridesmaid. Since I was awake, we decided to make French toast topped with bananas and whipped cream to go with the spiced maple syrup. It was sooo good and made even better by this tea, which Sil kindly gave me. Thank you!

This tea is mild and smooth. Slight smoke. Syrupy but with a darker depth as opposed to a caramel or honey sweetness.

Check out the pic of my breakfast here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChPb-73umkG/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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This was the other tea from Westholme that my coworker brought back for us to try. She was a huge fan of this tea, but for me it made less of an impression that the white tea. I’d describe the taste as warming, woody, a little nutty and maybe just a smidge malty? However, overall I just felt like this was less flavourful than the white tea and a tiny bit flat/muted.

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A coworker recently spent some months in BC and ended up visiting Westholme while she was out there – she brought back a couple of the teas for us to try, which was incredibly sweet and thoughtful of her. I’ve had Westholme’s Canadian grown tea before – but only in blends and never straight, so this was really interesting for me!

This white tea is very pretty looking with larger leaves and a beautiful spread of colours among the leaves. It tasted really good but also quite strange for a white tea – not the flavours I ever would have ever expected to taste from this leaf style. Very, very nutty with hints of darker honey and milk chocolate. I had to double take because I was sure that I was looking at the wrong leaf for what we’d brewed up.

If this tea weren’t so freaking expensive, I would totally buy more. It’s unique and tasty!

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