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drank Detox Tea by Walden Farmacy
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I’m working through a list of opened teas, trying to drink the ones I haven’t tried yet. This means that my list consists of either new teas or herbals I’ve been avoiding. This is one of the herbals. I’m not sure what it’s meant to detox from my body, but it certainly smells like a medicinal tea. I think it’s the dandelion root. While steeping, I picked up on some mint (even though there isn’t mint in the blend, curious) which made me hopeful but now it’s just the bitter dandelion root. Honey helps the flavor some at least.

I’d like to blend my own teas and tisanes one day, but goodness I want them to taste good. I know this is probably nutrient-rich, but I’m much less likely to drink it again knowing it tastes the way it does.

I should say, I do like this company’s other products. Especially their salves and tinctures. They also make a good mushroom cacao. I like to support them because they are local, but I’ll probably stay away from their herbal blends unless my husband picks up one to try (which is how we ended up with this one).

Flavors: Bitter, Dirt, Drying, Mint

Boiling 8 min or more 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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