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I’ve been really enjoying making powdered herbal infusions as late night or very early cups of tea lately – it’s just so fast and easy to quickly whip up something cold and refreshing. This one was lightly sweet and a bit tart with a strawberry-like fruity profile with hints of earthy beet and hibiscus. Super sippable and refreshing.

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I was hesistant about this powder but it was actually really good! It’s got sort of a general red berry/cherry kind of taste with a massive tangy top note pop of acidity. Very, very tart overall though so I think in the future I’d want to add just a bit of some kind of sweetener. Would probably be really good iced!

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I really enjoy the “Immunity Blend” from this company so even though my expectations for this tea weren’t high, per say, they were hopeful…

I would make the joke that this tasted like ocean water but, while not terribly far off due to the oceanic taste of the spirulina, that’s actually maybe a bit harsh. It wasn’t really good, though! I feel like the fact that watermelon is the first ingredient in the blend is so deceptive because it doesn’t really taste like melon (let alone any fruit) at all. Instead, this was a pretty murky tasting drink with a shockingly deep blue colour to it. I would say that, if anything, the one taste the stood out was ginger but mostly it tasted a little oceanic and pretty herbal/medicinal. Still drinkable but not particularly enjoyable. I guess aside from the fact that is does taste like it should be healthful, this would primarily be hidden in smoothies or the like, or just consumed for the aesthetic factor of it being such a brilliant blue…

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Tea Pop!

Made this one into a tea pop at work using the new sparkling water tap in the kitchen and just a little bit of agave to help brighten up and carry the flavours. Because this is a powder, it was the quickest and easiest tea pop I’ve probably ever made. Literally took less than a minute. Tasted great too! Nice and fresh with a zesty bright orange note. I’d totally make this again.


Still not over you having a sparkling water tap in the office kitchen. That’s got to be one of the snazziest office perks I can think of (besides the endless free tea, obviously). I’m duly impressed.

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Hot soothing citrus! I was a bit surprised to find myself actually craving this blend earlier in the week, but it really hit the spot. Sweet but not sugary and with this element that reminds me of Emergen-C but, well, tastier. “Feel good orange drank” is probably how I’d sum it up.

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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this! It’s very flavourful and bright with the same kind of vibrant sweet orange notes and gentle tanginess of the little Vitamin-C tablets me dad used to give my brother and I as kids. You’d drop one in a glass of water and it would get super fizzy and the water would basically become a sort of fizzy orange drink. So juicy and intense but not really sweet per say!? As I drank this herbal powder it made me feel nostalgic for that, while also kind of feeling like I was doing something good for myself. Yeah, I dig it. A lot.

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