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drank Earl Grey by Trescerro
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Backlog. This is another brand I had never heard of, but it was surprisingly good. My only other EG option in the mornings was the hated Tazo (is it operator error? is it my taste buds? who knows), so I went with this three out of four days. It’s solidly fruity, and while the base tea is robust and brews quickly it never got bitter on me. Nice!

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drank Orange Pekoe by Trescerro
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I went to a lovely company holiday party yesterday and had a wonderful time there. I was pleasantly surprised to find a new type of bagged black tea available other than just Lipton and my fiance encouraged me to save the wrapper to review on here.

This tea isn’t a bad tea. I think I brewed it about five minutes in a water that was a little under boiling. The tea was fairly smooth and easy to drink, but it didn’t have much flavor so I ended up putting a creamer pack in to make it into a creamy dessert tea-flavored drink.

Would it be something that I would seek out to put with my comfort tea bags when I’m sick or just want something dead simple? No. I would stay with Lipton. But it was better than having no tea at all.

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drank English Breakfast by Trescerro
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I’m not very impressed with this tea. It was the only hotel tea at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I drove for over five hours, and saw beautiful scenery along the way. This is where I stayed for a day and a half, before moving onto Colorado earlier today.

I had this tea in a buffet room with breakfast. I chose this tea among the others available from this brand. The first taste was kind of bland. Then, on my second taste, I noticed a sour flavor. This was not pleasant, as I do not enjoy sour Breakfast teas. I had this just before going on the road to visit the canyon one more time.

It was breathtaking! I stood on the cliffs, went inside the Grand Canyon Watchtower overlooking Desert View, and had an overall good time. This tea did not deliver what I wanted it to do, though. It didn’t even wake me up.

Maybe I was just a little underwhelmed with the tea due to the beautiful, vast canyon spread out across the distance. Nevertheless, the tea failed to bring the briskness I was hoping for in an English breakfast tea.

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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