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This tea hit the spot last night. I think we ended up making up about 6 infusions from it. The twins loved it and asked me to order more. I love it when they share my love for tea. Roasted toasted fresh & crisp. So good and this will be amazing as the weather starts to turn fall-ish in a month or so. .

For more on this fresh crisp gemaicha. .

BTW- This is sipdown #4. . I have a long way to go and I may have just ordered 32 more teas :/ but I’ll get there. . . . .right?!? There is such a thing as a manageable tea stash. . yes???


yes! as near as i can tell, it takes at least 3 yrs to start to get there ;)


Hahaha :) Good to know!


in all seriousness though..I’m just now starting to feel like i have a good handle on what i love, what i like, what i like seasonally and i’ve lost that urge to TRY ALL THE TEAS. i still like trying new things here and there, but i don’t need to try EVERYTHING. I’m at year 3+ on steepster haha


I hear ya. I joined Steepster in 2010 and am just now coming to that point. But I still love trying new things. Like you said, you just don’t feel like jumping and trying everything. You know what you like and stay within that realm.

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