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I have a cold so I wanted something soothing and decided to try this one instead of the brand’s plain ginger one (for a change.)
This one is good but I think I prefer the stronger ginger flavour in the other. It did soothe my throat though so no complaints with this tea overall.

Flavors: Ginger, Tulsi

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Spicy, rooty-earthy, brothy and bright — exactly what was needed while recovering from illness and returning to work. The box was pretty much empty within 4 days of opening.

I added several grinds of black pepper to the first cups and thought that’s what made this tea so spicy, but nope, it’s definitely just as spicy and tingly on its own, almost like Sichuan peppercorn. It kind of flattened in the back of the mouth – herbal, must be the meadowsweet. I understand the purpose of using meadowsweet since it contains salicylic acid but I prefer my turmeric blends to be all spice, all the time.

Flavors: Bright, Broth, Earthy, Flat, Ginger, Herbal, Roots, Spicy, Turmeric

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Frostbite is gnarly. It’s currently -10. Or it was but it’s probably a balmy 0 now. Everything the weather drops like this my immune system seems to crap on itself. And I’m not sure thar this herbal blend is helping. It is kind of tasteless. I don’t have covid. But this just is meh. A slight sweetness along with a bit of medicinal echinacea flavor. But otherwise very blah


Stay warm!

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Son has had a cough. Turned into an ear infection. Getting better. Daughter wakes up with red eye. Again. Cleaned like the dickens. Now husband is down with something and I’m feeling the sniffles. _ Thus sounded like a likely helper. Hopefully some good sleep coupled with the elderberry syrup will kick its pants. The flavor is zingy. Spicy. Lemon and echinecia. Not something I’d drink on the regular but right now this is just what I need.


Hope everyone perks up quickly!


Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


Hope it passes quickly!!


I hope you all feel better soon!

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This is Day 8 of my Steepster homemade advent calendar from Kelmishka! I had it after a day of over-exertion, so something anti-inflammatory was definitely called for. The flavor profile is straightforward but enjoyable, with the sharpness of the ginger nicely complementing the sweetness of the chamomile. I’m also not sure I’ve had a ginger/chamomile blend before, and it’s a good combo!

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I really like this tea. I’m trying to drink more moringa teas because of the medicinal benefits. I love the addition of the spearmint and sage. I love sage in tea. It gives it a savory flavor.

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Day 22 of my advent calendar from Kelmishka! I tried this a few months ago thanks to the TTB, and my impressions are much the same now. It tastes very much like clover sprouts. It’s springtime freshness and salad in a mug. I think it’s relatively unusual as an ingredient or flavor, and not one that I feel a strong urge to keep on hand at all times, but one that’s tasty enough and interesting enough to drink occasionally.

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I grabbed this teabag out of the TTB before sending it on, so calling this a sipdown when I’ve only got the one bag and have had it for so short a period of time feels like a stretch, but I’m doing it anyway. This tea tastes so much like clover sprouts that it’s almost disorienting. Like drinking salad. But it’s pleasant! I like that it’s different and a little spring-y fresh without being particularly sweet.

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Thanks for this AJRimmer! This is from AJRimmer a while ago… or possibly a teabox? Two different teabags from both? Apparently red clover is for skin health which really couldn’t hurt me… tastewise, it tastes a bit like chrysanthemum though not quite as pickley… I’d prefer this to the more pickley chrysanthemum but it also isn’t the most interesting tasting herbal out there…


I don’t remember this one, so it may be from a tea box?


haha, probably! Though I’m usually good at remembering where even a single tea bag is from, but yes, this is probably from a teabox if you don’t remember it. :D

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Very valerian! Faces were made. The empty mug w/ teabag plastered to the inside was exited from bedroom to kitchen before falling asleep. Valerian+licorice root is not the smell I want to greet me upon waking. I don’t think this did the job last night. Very restless.

Flavors: Caraway, Earthy, Herbaceous, Licorice Root, Mint, Musty, Sweet, Tangy

Mastress Alita

Valerian works very well for me, but ooooof, why it gotta stink SO BAD? Has to be a very magical blend to hide that aroma…


Yeah, I know I’ve had a blend that defied the Law of Valerian but don’t remember which one it was. Usually smells so dank all one can do is CHUG-IT.

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Not drinking for supposed digestive benefit.

A balanced blend that showcases the three herbal components: peppermint, spearmint and lemon balm.

I did some cursory reading of journal papers. Bacillus coagulans, the bacteria added to this herbal blend, has been shown to withstand higher food and beverage processing temperatures than other probiotic bacteria.

Boiling water does decrease bacterial vitality.

Freshly boiled water is what Traditional Medicinals recommends for steeping, with their usual “covered for 10-15 minutes” instructions. If I were to drink this herbal tea for probiotic effects, I’d probably brew it lower, like 175F.


I do like their straight-up peppermint…this sounds tasty, too.


Yeah, not bad at all :)

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