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5.8g, 100 mL gaiwan

dry leaves smell like dried cranberries (Ocean Spray!) and a hint of dark chocolate

leaves in prewarmed gaiwan bring out strong toast/roast notes. still raisin and chocolate

wet leaves smell very smoky

5s rinse

5s: slight sweet & smoke that becomes a slight fruity aftertaste. empty cup smells like brown sugar from baked chocolate chip cookies. slight hint of bitterness.

7s: not super interesting

12s: more roasted

30s: soapy mint aftertaste. leaves also smell soapy.

10 min: still not much change so stopped pin cha here. slight osmanthus note on the lid. pretty disappointed by this one, especially since it started off well. soup never thickened for me, but that could be due to the local tap. Taste was pretty flat, which could be partly due to water, but also I’ve brewed plenty of teas fine with this water.

thermos overnight 212f w/ just remaining leaves from packet: dark hazelnut and roast. Quite good, though not sure if I’d repurchase.

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Wu San Di Shui Xian, TXS tea
7.7g (sachet said 8.3g, so guess my scale is off or something, I’m not sure. Have been less mindful of 1:15 general ratio lately because when I do follow it I’m never sure when to use the remaining 2g or whatever of leaf), 100 mL gaiwan, Brita, 212f

dry leaves don’t have much smell

leaves in prewarmed gaiwan have a roasted and bread-like smell

wet leaves have a strong smoke w sweet undertones of dark chocolate and berry

5s: slightly thick. woody medicinal notes w/ slight sweetness that remind me of cinnamon. slight cooling minty aftertaste

another 5s: similar to initial, but a touch stronger mint aftertaste

12s: slight bitter and roast more upfront before moving to a minty aftertaste

25s: starting to lose steam. a touch of sweetness + toastiness w mint aftertaste and a touch of something like soap

1min: lighter but finishes w a bright mint note and something higher that I can’t distinguish

2min: light medicinal woody notes + roast hint

5min: seems to have regained strength. bitterness like a coffee that turns into a soapy note of sorts.

10 min: roasted bitter note and soapy aftertaste. hint of mint

20 min + one last steep of indefinite hours length: not much left to note. would usually cold brew, but the last time I tried that with a TXS tea it tasted like straight soap.

overall, nothing too exciting, fairly standard shui xian profile. I guess this validates the legitimacy of the shui xian that was a gift that I tried before and thought was fake because of the lack of sweetness and rather medicinal/woody profile. Descriptions online of whatever is supposed to constitute a “classic” shui xian messed up my expectations

Flavors: Baked Bread, Berry, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Medicinal, Mint, Roasted, Soap, Toasty, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 8 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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