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drank Jasmine Oolong by Tokyo Futon & Tea
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Was at my BFs house earlier but I’m kind of glad to be back at home with my tea collection. All weekend I’ve been in a shitty mood because it looks like I’m going to take a part time temp. job that I don’t really want in order to pay the bills. It isn’t nearly enough money. Anyway sometimes we just have to do the things we need to do in order to survive.

I am pretty happy with this tea this afternoon. It really has a relaxing feel about it, thought the jasmine is not very strong. I’ve been using a gaiwan and the gong fu method to prepare it. It has a light, vegetal and buttery quality with a pretty sweet finish. I do detect some jasmine in the aroma, but it’s so very light when you only steep it for 15-30 seconds. That is fine with me, because I don’t like strong, perfumey jasmine tea. Super relaxing, I almost feel like a nap is in order!!!

185 °F / 85 °C 0 min, 30 sec

I’ve been there, doing work that really doesn’t satisfy. Awful feeling. Hang in there and it’ll get better!


Yah! thank you :)

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My sleep schedule has been so messed up lately, I think I need to go back to a no caffeine after 3 pm rule. Couldn’t sleep too well last night after having a black tea and a genmaicha in the late afternoon/evening.

But it’s still early now :-P

I’m definitely enjoying this Iron Goddess I got at Tokyo Tea & Futon last week. It doesn’t appear to be roasted, just round little green rolls of deliciousness. The flavor is very classic anxi oolong, with fresh, green vegetal notes, butter and flowers.

It peaked around steep #3 but I steeped it for 5 times and steep #4 was really good also. A very yummy tea, too bad these guys don’t have a website so you can see. Here’s my IG picture though:

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 0 sec

You have that rule too? Glad I’m not the only one! It amazes me when people can drink coffee/tea in the evening and not be affected. Caffeine is a drug, and maybe I’m more sensitive to it, but it still shocks me how desensitized some people are to it.


I must be fairly sensitive to the effects of caffeine myself?


I think caffeine can be bizarre at times, or at least my body is. At times I can drink like 10 steeps of a red tea before bed and sleep fine, other days if I so much as drink any caffeine I won’t sleep at all.


@Amanda, I think it depends a lot on my state of mind as well, if I am at all anxious then caffeine accelerates that.

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I got some oolong samples at this shop in the Mission District of san Francisco.

The shop itself is really cute, the front part is a tea tasting room with teas and wares for sale and the back of the shop is a futon shop that carries other decorative Japanese items.

So about this tea, I used a gaiwan for my steepings and have gotten through 4 infusions so far. This is a roasted oolong which I wasn’t aware of when I bought it (my fault). It’s a fairly dark roast and I’m getting flavors similar to a Hojicha. Where hoji has a kind of bitter finish, this has a sweet finish. In fact, I would say the sweetish caramel finish is probably the best thing about this tea. I am getting some light fruity peach notes but overall it isn’t too impressive in my book. Will have to try this Western style soon to see if I like it better that way.

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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