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My husband got me this one when he was ordering himself some coffee as I love trying something new, and he throught this would be fun.
This tea is definitely a surprise! I was fully expecting it to taste like coffee because I hadn’t read the flavour profile for the tea yet and so when I took my first sip and got apple cider, I was definitely surprised! I fully expected it to taste like coffee with hints of the fruitiness, but no, there is no coffee taste in this tea at all.
It’s mostly apple cider, with some cherry and raspberry.
I’m drinking this one straight up too because I really didn’t know if anything would be needed in it, and I’m glad I’m doing it that way as I think milk would not be good in this, and it’s actually very sweet on its own, so it really doesn’t need sugar. This is a tea I would probably drink a bit later in the morning though as I usually don’t go with the sweet teas in the mornings.

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