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I’m going to assume that this one was from raritea Also a sipdown – thank god for 2 cup (normal size) samples that let me finish them off in one Sil sized mug! This isn’t a tea that i need in my cupboard all the time but that’s more due to my penchant for blacks. Greens and whites tend to be a little light for my tastes.

This has a really nice base and there aren’t any floral notes, which a lot of greens tend to have. I also really like the juicy feel to this tea. Thanks for the share!

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1.1 tablespoons for 248 ml

The scent of the brewed tisane has a slightly Forever Nuts by David’s Tea tone with an overwhelming scent of hibiscus.

Slight creaminess. Overwhelmingly hibiscus. I’m getting an odd cabbage taste note into the aftertaste.

Thanks to Indigobloom for letting me try this!

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

I’ll look out for the cabbage next time. Eeeps!

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SIPDOWn! i’m guesing indigobloom shared this though for some reason i was thinking raritea. Either way i’ve managed to drink it all down without really registering it. which, this tired, is a good thing. It’s been a tasty tasty sweet treat to drink tonight while i’m up….and still working lol


Indigobloom – if you see this, I regret not nabbing some from you! Can I add it as a swap?


First thing up on my screen here! Yep this was from me. Sil, you probly thought it was from Raritea bc we both went to the Tea Room (separately) not long ago.

Kittenna, for sure! I’ll put some aside.

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Pretty sure this is some kind of Forever Nuts hybrid. It smells very much like amaretto, sweeter even. But the taste is alot lighter than FN, and more tart.
Overall, I wish it was a little more intense and then it’d be perfect, but I tried adding more leaf/steeping longer and it just got tart instead.
This will go great iced in the summer. Looking forward to taking it out and about!

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Lemon custard!! so glad I chose this as my to go/dessert tea. I quite enjoyed the cup. It was just what I needed and I could see myself craving it often. In fact, I’d probably want some for my cupboard if it wasn’t $12/50g! eeesh.
I’d give it a higher rating if it wasn’t for the price. Also, I suspect it wouldn’t resteep that well but I didn’t get the chance to find out and well it really isn’t fair to let my “hunch” skew the rating. So this is really more of a guess as to what I should rate this tea? Hmph.
(not sure how to get rid of the smiley face now that I’ve touched the tool bar. Only way I know of is to delete the note and not write a new one, as the server here has a memory and would just pull up the rating I have now. Oh well!)

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So… My friend took me out for Valentines tea!! and he brought me flowers. Sadly though, he is just a friend. Sighs.
Anyhow… this is what I ordered along with my delish salmon sandwiches.
An oolong paradox. There is the roasted depth of a dark oolong and the vegetal sweetness of a green one. I had serious trouble wrapping my head around it!
Super sweet and flavourful in ways I’m really not used to in an oolong. In fact, if I ever manage to sipdown most of my stash, I’d really like to grab me some of this. 50g minimum purchase though, so I’d have to seriously purge first.


At least you went out and got flowers! I haven’t had a happy Valentine’s day from anyone at all. One day, you’ll find your love ms bloom…I’ve already had my day. HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

Terri HarpLady

Still, sounds like a good time!


You sure he’s only a friend??? :P


I TOLD you to chat up the hottie at the tea festival…..
And I second kittenna…I dunno many of my good friends sho are guys who would do that for me…I’m dating the only one who would have back then lol


Bonnie, too bad that Priest of yours is “married” to God! I think you’d be fun together :P Happy Valentines day!!

Terri, it was! I had a great time. Can’t wait til next year now lol

Kittenna, he be married. Not touching that one lol

Sil… but he smokes! eeeps!
He’s a great guy but taken and not really my type. One day!! I’ll find prince charming :)


there was the non smoker hottie too…


but.. he wasn’t stalking me like the smoker one! :P


What’s this about guys at the Tea Festival?! :P


there was one stalking me, we think. and another really hot one who was taken. le sighs

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Strong roasted tone with buttery flavour on the finish. A little thin at the beginning of the sip, but blooms into a full flavour on the finish. Sweet aftertaste. Grassy and refreshing metallic-like notes come out as the tea cools.

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Juicy feel. The passion fruit flavour balances out with the green tea flavour near the end of the sip. The passion fruit taste really blooms into a delightful metallic-like, tangy sensation towards the end of the sip. Soft sweetness is detected in the after-taste.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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