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Sipdown (1367)!

Liked this one even more the second time around – it was just so incredibly smooth and rich! The full bodied, earthiness of the pu’erh is cozy and comforting and it has notes of date/fig that rise up from the sweet rain soaked earth. The cherry is light and the vanilla in this cup just really tasted a lot like a perfect, fluffy marshmallow with just a bit of burnt sugar. So good!

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Sipping this currently and finding it quite calming on a day where I’m a bit more stressed and tired than usual – it was a gift from my IG friend Sewwie so thank you for the swap and fun teas!! The flavouring here is pretty mild, which allows much more of the earthy and thick pu’erh notes to come through – it’s a very smooth and clean tasting shou and that robust body compliments the hints of vanilla and darker cherry flavour profile. Love the creamy notes that linger on the finish!

Tiffany :)

On my wish list this goes, love cherry and never had cherry vanilla puerh before! :D

Autistic Goblin

I love the name! I expect to see a cat and mouse picture on the tea though.


@Autistic Goblin ditto here! I’d buy it for the name alone.


cherry vanilla puerh sounds delicious!

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