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It is smokey.
Drink with grilled Pork. Or after meal when you feel take a greasy food.

I recommend enjoy it when it had been raining.

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Thanks to Azzrian, I’m trying my first tea from Sweden. It is a mellow,smooth black tea, with some pleasing citrus and floral notes. In researching Soderblandning, I found that it was created by mistake by a tea shop owner in 1979 and is very popular in Sweden. Typically the base is a blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas with the addition of blue petals of cornflower and yellow petals of marigold as well as orange rind, but this can vary. I was splitting a 4 1/2 gram sample with my husband to make about 14 oz of tea, and although it was very nice, if I had more, I would make it stronger-probably 3 gm/8 oz. Glad I had the chance to try it.

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I couldn’t make a note under the other entry for this tea so I made a new one.
No way was this gem from the Traveling tea box going un-noted!
I think I oversteeped it a tad as it was a hair bitter, but some sugar spruced it right up.
The base is nice and strong, but not in a bold way, more like a sturdy sortof “notice me!” way that really holds up against the citrus. The orange peel adds a depth I didn’t expect, and the aroma is especially pleasant.
I rather enjoyed the cup, it was comforting and refreshing, and wouldn’t mind having it in my cupboard, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy some.

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