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Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine couldn’t walk out of her office without somebody shoving a slab of cake in her hand and singing? It’s getting about that bad here with a slough (sloo? slew?) of spring milestone events and multiple coworkers whose love language is food. (Good people here. That’s a blessing that I don’t take for granted.)

Therefore, I am immensely grateful to yet another colleague who provided a tin of these teabags, which I am keeping on hand strictly for medicinal purposes. Discount outlet grade gift tea, but the bags smell great (ginger first, lemon next, green tea…um…er…well…let’s just assume it’s in there) and are efficient and efficacious when I have to try just one more homemade chocolate chip cookie in order to be polite.

Mastress Alita

Sounds like a nice problem to have. Around my workplace the breakroom has been closed off and the sharing of food halted ever since the 2020-thing. Sigh…


Sorry to hear. Effects of the Great Inconvenience are starting to fade here, finally, as long as reasonable precautions are still being taken.


I love how there’s always a Seinfeld episode or scene to reference in nearly every situation :D


It’s almost an embarrassment how much of our family’s household terminology ties to a TV reference :)

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