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Cold Brew Sipdown (722)!

Another tea, which appears to have been herbal, that was given out in the free lot bags from the Montreal Tea Fest – I cold brewed it because the bag it was given out in was a mesh bag and the finer particles of the tea kept shaking from the mesh; it was a mess! There was too much tea for a hot cup, but the perfect amount for a cold brew.

I don’t remember a bunch about this one – I didn’t like it very much, and ended up tossing the second half of the cold brew because I was struggling to get through it. It was minty, but very sickly sweet. I’m guessing a large part of the composition was peppermint and licorice root. No ingredients provided though, so I’m not sure…

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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #9

This was a tea from a smaller tea company that had a booth as the festival – and from what I gathered they’re a company that makes herbal teas with Indigenous tie ins? The two ladies at the booth were actually incredibly nice and pleasant to talk with – and I could tell that even if they were a smaller tea company that the blends they had created were made with a LOT of passion and thought!

They had two large pitchers of iced tea they were sampling – I only tried a sample from one of them, the “Strawberry Pow Wow” which they described at one of their signature blends. The sample was actually amazing – but the way they had prepared it was by creating a large batch of iced tea and then blending it (smoothie style) with a bunch of fresh Quebec strawberries. The result was so sweet, juicy and fresh tasting, but the problem was that because it only tasted like strawberries I really couldn’t get a sense of what their tea would have tasted like all on its own, and ultimately as yummy as a strawberry smoothie is what I really wanted to experience was tea!

I was left pleased with the sample, but uncertain about how much of the taste was fruit over tisane…

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