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#tiffanys2021sipdown Tea #98 overall / Tea #14 for March

Thursday 3/11 (WRITTEN 3/15/21) — Grateful Tea Co Lemon Verbena The date 3/11 is special to me now since it’s my anniversary of dating my boyfriend Micah (2021 being 3 years). He suggested with go to Jungle Jim’s (a giant international supermarket a few hours drive from where we live). I had never been, so I was game, plus I got to stay in a hotel [that isn’t one that I work at] for the first time in 5.5 months which was nice. We got a bunch of fun snacks/fruit/etc. and just stayed in the hotel room cooked dinner and relaxed. I was good and didn’t get any tea (although that was probably because he was paying at JJ and he wouldn’t ever add to my collection LOL) but did sip this tea which was in my package from @briannadrinkstea – it was a nice simple black tea with the lemon verbena shining through. I drank this hot and plain with dinner (cheap steak and a simple homemade salad).

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Jungle Jim’s is a funhouse!

Tiffany :)

@derk you’ve been before?? Cool!!


Years ago, when I inhabited the region. I’ll be outside Columbus hopefully sometime later this year…

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