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drank Brise d'automne by The Amo
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Sipped on this one last night!

This was kindly gifted to me by the Montreal Tea Festival, so thank you for the tea! It’s primarily a Labrador tea blend, but there’s some other things in it as well like apple and cinnamon and (I believe) almond. It steeped up very soft and gentle, with a warming and cozy “apple pie” kind of taste from the combination of all the aforementioned ingredients. I can definitely see how the light and delicate profile with these baked, Autumnal flavours would translate into a name like “Autumn Breeze” – which is what the French translates to. It’s very romantic as a profile/concept, actually. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of Labrador tea but I liked the undertones still carried through the soft greener notes of it on top of those yummy apple and cinnamon pastry flavours.

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drank Miss Tea-Gris by The Amo
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Last tasting note of the night, for the mug that I’m currently just finishing off.

This is kind of advertised as a herbal Earl Grey, but it’s a bit more complex than a simple EG blend and there’s actually a lot of different ingredients – including several different types of fruit and labrador tea. The overall taste is pretty nice, though! It’s smooth with an herbaceous undertone but also quite an aromatic and floral leaning citrus taste. While maybe a little more orange than _bergamot, I get what they were going for here and I think it works in a tasty way!

Would I know this was meant to be like an EG if I hadn’t closely read the package? Nah, I doubt it. However, I would definitely still be enjoying my mug and that’s honestly the most important factor at the end of the day.

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drank Nuit De Paix by The Amo
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I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I don’t really have a bathtub available to me regularly. Rest assured I do have a shower and am not just running around like a stinky stinky person. There’s just something nicer about having a nice soak in the tub though, and so when I saw out hotel had a MASSIVE bathtub I knew I would be taking a piping hot bath with a mug of something herbaceous and floral. And so I did – I drew the bath and made the tea and then had a long soak with all the lights completely off; almost like a sensory deprivation tank except I had this soothing lavender and warming spice blend to help me release all that pent up tension/stress with.

Evol Ving Ness

Sounds like a divine moment, Ms.Strange.

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