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Earl Grey (black tea plus bergamot), add cocoa shells (swoon), add raspberries. If you have never tried a blend with cocoa shells, you really must. They add such an amazing cocoa flavor – so much better than just a cocoa powder. I was excited when I saw that the blend had them. Chocolate + orange + raspberry? Yes please!

I brewed the tea for 2.5 minutes as suggested on the package. The scent from the brew was heavenly – chocolately but not overwhelmingly so, and I could smell the bergamot but it didn’t smack me in the face like many bergamot blends can.
The color of the tea was like a garnet and had a red/orange glow.

The flavor was interesting – different than anything I had ever had, and it really appealed to me. It tasted very full and round and not drying at all. The blend is extremely well balanced and no one flavor stands out. I kept taking drinks trying to figure out what I tasted at the front of the sip, and the answer is the whole blend. The lingering flavor in my mouth is from the bergamot, but the bergamot isn’t heavy-handed in this tea. I think if you are on the fence about it you should still give this a try.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/07/tee-co-earl-grey-choco-berries/

Liquid Proust

I must say, coco is an unusual add for a earl grey :)
Sounds intriguing.


Very interesting!

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