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drank Blueberry by Teavocity
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Strange VariaTEA TTB: Tea 6

I cold brewed this. It’s a blueberry tea. It’s fine. It’s not really much different than most blueberry teas, other than a touch more hibiscus.

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drank Blueberry by Teavocity
16088 tasting notes

Cold Brew!

Fun story with this one: someone I follow on instagram tagged me in a contest/giveaway for this tea, but I didn’t personally enter. When the company drew for the winner, I accidentally wound up in the mix of entrants and I “won”. I contacted the company to decline, because I didn’t want to take away a prize from someone who had wanted to win, and they insisted they send out at least a sample of the tea my way because of all the mix up… So here we are!

Visually, this looks pretty average – it’s that sort of typical catalog style fruit blend/tisane. The smell is very, very fresh though. In fact, it’s maybe the freshest and sweetest smelling catalog style tea I’ve ever come across from this more “mom and pop” style small tea company. So you can colour me impressed, at least in that regard. As I was straining the tea earlier today, the aroma impressed me again – very sweet and jammy blueberry that reminded me a bit of pie filling! The taste is a bit of a mismatch though.

It’s got a bit of that sweet and jammy blueberry that comes across so strongly in the smell but mostly it’s tart and tangy hibiscus through and through. Hibiscus doesn’t usually bother me too much in teas (though I don’t love when it overwhelms other flavours in a blend) but I seem to be really bothered by it this weekend especially. I may just need to take a bit of a break from hibiscus blends for the rest of the weekend.

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