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drank English Caramel by Teapouro
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Wombatgirl sent me some english caramel labeled stuff with no brand on it, and since she once posted about this I’m assuming it’s the right one.

It smelled very nice and caramelly. I lost patience with the bag the leaves were in and used the lot, so it’s a super-super-super-flash steeping. It still smells very nice after steeping, very sweet and very fat smelling.

I’m not really going to write a novel about this. Wombatgirl wasn’t impressed with it, as she would have liked the flavouring to be stronger, and I have to say I agree with her. From the aroma of it I was really expecting something very rich in flavour here. But then I get this tea with a little caramel on it. How very and surprisingly french!

(Some of you will understand what I mean when I say the flavouring is french. A while ago I was on a Kusmi roll and more or less at the same time others were exploring some other french brands such as Mariages Freres and that other one that I can’t remember how to spell. D. Freres. Anyway some of us agreed that it seemed to be typical for french brands that flavoured teas very rather subtle. And that’s what I mean with french.)

Where was I? Oh yes, the flavouring is french. But the aroma is so rich! Much more than in my beloved Caramel from Kusmi (I should get more of that), and that throws me off. In Kusmi, I expect the subtle frenchness. In this… I think I thought I’d get a sweets replacement out of this.

Yes, I like it, but it’s not what I was expecting. And when it comes to french subtlety… No, I prefer Kusmi.


Oooh, I don’t know how but I had forgotten about Kusmi’s Caramel. I’ve been out for a while but this post makes me want to order more. Uhm, I might need to get my cupboard down to a more manageable level first…


Yes, I have been out of it too. It’s because I thought I would order it online instead of buying it from that shop I found, because then I could get a refill bag instead of a new tin. But then it slipped my mind.

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drank English Caramel by Teapouro
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Found this place downtown, and picked up some of this tea because it smelled nummy. Brewed it up in my zarafina.

Boring. the caramel isn’t very strong (I LOVE caramel, and wanted more) and even though I added extra leaf and choose “strong” on my zarafina it was weak. Meh.

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