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drank Dorset Tea by Spicers
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Purchased Dorset tea as a new product to try for my routine tea throughout the day, so I’m happy to purchase bagged, though would be nice to find a loose leaf variety. While I generally purchase Yorkshire tea, I’ve immediately noticed that Dorset tea is often an easier brew, with less cups having the tip-of-the-tongue bitterness from my lazy brewing.

I generally find the teabag brews best for around 1.5-2 minutes, with near boiling water.

The tea has a pleasant, noticeable body of Assam, which I find essential in any decent everyday blend. While the character of the tea isn’t as strong as Yorkshire, it’s a mild and interesting blend that’s enjoyable for calm days, and entertaining casual guests who I’ve often found dislike the heavier taste of Yorkshire.

It’s possible I may switch entirely to Dorset Tea for my everyday cup. It’s comforting and traditional, without being stagnant.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 250 OZ / 7393 ML

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drank Dorset Tea by Spicers
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Let me begin by saying I have never been a huge tea bag fan despite being British. They always tasted old and dusty and virtually the same so given the choice I took either fruit tea or just plain water. Now I see the convenience of bagged tea but am still not a fan, if buying some in for the house (which would mostly be for my husband) then I get what I consider a ‘nice’ bagged tea such as Twinings Everyday or Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey. I can stomach those and drink with no problems. Then on Twitter I saw Dorset Tea offering free samples for UK citizens so I signed a small info form and a week later the samples arrived through the door (which was today).

Opening the sealed foil pack I notice a strong black tea scent, primarily Assam. Now I am not sure if it is purely Assam or a blend of Assam and Ceylon, the little pack had no information and their website is under construction at the moment so I can’t check their either. Still to me it smelled like Assam ie rich and spicy. A nice full on tea scent.

So steeping my usual teabag way (three minute steep with two sugars and milk) I take a sip for the all judging result. The result was a good one. Not only does this smell like Assam but it also tastes like it too, very full on to match it’s scent but as far as bagged teas go (and my dislike of them) this one has flavour and though a little dry it’s strong and for me easily drinkable. Rather smooth considering it’s so spicy and rich with just a hint of smoke in the after taste.

Compared to Twinings this tea is stronger and more on par with TeaPigs Breakfast Tea but much cheaper. Next time my husband asks for some ‘normal’ tea I will get some more. Not my usual type of tea but for when you have 5 minutes in-between cleaning it’s pretty darn good.

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