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drank Balhyo Cha by Soocha Tea
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This makes for a very cozy and warm tea session, and I’m actually still not over how delish the dry leaf aroma of this tea is; rich cocoa puffed wheat cake and peanuts!! The taste is equally yummy, but with some stewed red fruits notes mixed in with the cocoa, grains, and toasted nut flavours that make up the majority of the flavour! Puffed Wheat Cake is still a pretty good descriptor, but maybe if you crossed that will a really nice peanut brittle. Mouthfeel is creamy…

I’m definitely no Balhyocha expert, but I do think this is one of the best I’ve tried!


…I did not steep that much loose tea in the gaiwan, don’t worry!

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drank Sejak by Soocha Tea
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S is for… Sejak!

This was my first tea of the day on Sunday, which was pretty outside of my norm. Outside of focusing on “S” teas, though, I just was genuinely craving green tea. The light toasted barley, nutty, and corn silk profile is hit the spot in a super satisfying way!


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drank Sejak by Soocha Tea
11929 tasting notes

I was asked a few days ago to share a photo of some green teaware by my tea friend Kate on instagram – sorry that it took a few days, but here’s a beautiful pink and pistachio teacup that I adore:

This was also a great excuse to try this Korean green tea that she so kindly included as a gift with my last order!! As you can see, I drank it a bit more Grandpa Style in the cup this afternoon; I really enjoyed this one a lot! Way more than I expected to; actually – I’m not really a big green tea drinker. It was very fresh and sweet though, with lovely nutty chestnut notes! Thank you for the kind gift!

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Beautiful cup :) Where did you buy it?

Martin Bednář

It is indeed wonderful cuppa. And chesnut notes in green tea are quite nice.

Roswell Strange

@derk – It’s from Bitterleaf:)


Beautiful cup! I went “oooooooo” out loud! I love the flowers with it. Great photo!

Daylon R Thomas

Damn that’s pretty. The hyacinth, and everything in the background blends.

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drank Mistletoe by Soocha Tea
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Geek Steep Holiday Episode – “Steep”

We’re taking a two week break from our usual episode format to enjoy the holidays and catch up on some of the fandoms we’ll be focusing on for the last part of our first season, but we didn’t want to not put out any episodes at all so instead we’re doing two “mini episodes” – one for Geek and one for Steep, each focusing on three signficiants fandoms or teas that we either discovered or rediscovered during 2020…

I wont spoil my three tea picks from this week – you’ll just have to listen to the episode!

This was the tea that I drank during recording though! It’s 100% not a coincidence that I chose to drink Mistletoe for the recording of one of our two holiday episodes – this is a delicious herbal tea that works year round but it felt especially lovely to be drinking it this time of year/in this context. It’s warm, nutty, sort of buttery and squash/pumpkin like, and a little bit spicy with cinnamon adjacent flavours. Such a delight!

This did not make it into my top three picks – but it is probably my favourite straight herbal tea from the year – probably more than the snow chrysanthemum that I do deeply fell in love with. Veryyyyy tough call on that one, though.

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I only recently heard you can use mistletoe in tea! I’m going to have to pick some and try next time I find it.

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drank Mistletoe by Soocha Tea
11929 tasting notes

Grandpa style!

Placed an impulse order with Soocha a few weeks ago, primarily for this Mistletoe, and it ended up being a whole weird and complicated ordeal…

Basically, they shipped out the package and then a few days later I got a Canada Post delivery notification, but no package. So, I waited a few days just in case and when the package still didn’t get delivered I contacted Soocha to see if they could open a claim to look into it. I know that Canada Post is INSANELY busy right now, and I’m definitely not concerned about delayed delivery times – but I was a bit more concerned about having potentially lost a $60 tea order because it was incorrectly delivered.

Soocha was great about it though – they filed a claim and, when it started looking like it was going to take a long time for CP to even begin looking into it, they decided to just ship out a replacement package. Eventually the replacement package showed up, and on the same day the original one also showed up – which they said to just keep though I’m going to pass it on to a different local tea friend – feels only right to share the generosity…

So after all that, I had to try the mistletoe right away!!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t take notes – but it was incredible and very unique/distinct. Going by my hazy memory I would say the flavour notes that immediately come to mind would be like brazil nuts, very lightly toasted pumpkin or butternut squash, sweet potato, and like a woody element!? Definitely very cozy and comforting, and a little sweet and a little more savory/umami.

Mistletoe gets one big HELL YEAH from me!

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