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drank Blackberry Black by Shady Maple
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A nice blackberry aroma drifts from the tea as it steeps. Brings me back to Missoula, MT. The purplish/blueish mountains spread out forever to the horizon with the rushing river flowing past. This has a nice woody tone to it. Warm and inviting but also somewhat flat due to the flavoring. The blackberry flavoring is decent, not high in metallic notes as you can find with some flavorings but still it’s there. This was a good try just for the aroma and quick mental trip but not one I would buy myself.

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Smells like cola. Fascinating. The wet aroma reminds me of those candies called Bottle Caps. The leaf is decent looking but nothing to alluring. Overall, the flavor I find very lacking. A bit of black cherry in the background laced with some vanilla but buried with some bitter walnut bark, though all of this is not all too pleasant. The taste is tepid and uninspiring. Though I do want to retry this at some point bc I have a feeling I needed hotter water…

Cameron B.

Ooh I used to love Bottle Caps… Especially the root beer flavor!

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