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This is a little aged and hasn’t been stored properly, so take these comments under advisement…

I believe/suspect Savannah Tea Company (Nashville) private labels the same blends used by Culinary Teas (Metropolitan) — and this one isn’t a bad one, there’s just much more mint than chocolate. Tea base is OK, not bitter, even when brewed loosey-goosey with microwave water.

It’ll do.

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Running late so made this double strength, no milk, and that brought out a bitter pecan-hull bang to it that isn’t bad on a below-freezing morning.

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This came from a little Tennessee tea shop, so it actually may be another brand, specially shop packaged. But all the same, it’s the right balance of nutty and sweet without being too sweet. Drinking with half and half. Mmmmm.


That sounds delicious. Especially during this season.

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Savannah Tea Company lists this only by name, so I couldn’t get a product description—looks to be rooibos with a lot of cardamom. A LOT of cardamom, but it mostly hits the nose instead of the taste buds. Otherwise, it was pretty meh on its own. A spot of honey helped it a bit.

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