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Had a fun fun friday because I got to visit the local Google office for a training session…and they of course, being a tech company, have kombucha in their amazing cafeteria – they had this Hibiscus Rosehip one, and the Ginger one from Rise, plus a 3rd I could not remember.

This was a pretty good kombucha in terms of the ingredients content – only 62 calories in the whole bottle, and it wasn’t overly sweet so I could taste the tea more. There was not a lot of sediment though which I don’t know that means a difference in probiotic content?

I liked that they had a ‘pre-drink prep’ instruction that tells you to flip the bottle over, swirl slightly, before opening. For one the instruction was laid out so that step 2 (after you flipped the bottle) the text was inverted – its nice to see companies take care of small details.

Also the instructions though detail oriented, are handy because with the effervescence, you really don’t want to be shaking up this bottle, and yet with the sediment that most kombuchas have, the human nature just wants to shake the bottle to mix it up.

I found this particular flavour to be a bit tart though, so given the chance I’d rather try another of their flavours.

Flavors: Cranberry, Floral, Hibiscus, Rose


That is so cool that you got to go there for a training session!

leaf in hot water

it was so fun – i wish i could work there :P

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