Red Rocket

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1 bag for 250mL water @100C, steeped 4 minutes, drunk bare.

I spotted Red Rocket in the supermarket last night and yes, fell in love with the red tin … and the cheeky note on the bottom of the tin asking “Why are you reading the bottom when all the good information is one the sides?”

The tea itself is a “small leaf” Ceylon. I took that to mean tea dust, but it’s way better than that. The liquor is dark copper, with typical floral Ceylon notes in the scent. Soft mouthfeel, which is lovely, medium body, mild pucker. I found the tea very soothing, and it seems to pack a caffeine punch.

Red Rocket is a member of the ethical tea partnership, and they also work with Nyota, a children’s organzation, in Kenya.

For supermarket tea: excellent. This is a dependable, refreshing, classic Ceylon.

(The bags don’t have tags, staples, and strings, but come in sets of two, sealed in a foil pouch within a really cute red tin.)

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