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For me, this tea is simply the best. I’m sad that I had to add it, because it means that other people probably don’t know about how good it is. I tried this before trying any chai mixed with tea leaves, and it’s so flavourful that when I’ve had chai with black tea in it, it’s just seemed so diluted. This is a delicious mixture of whole, dried spices, and thankfully, it doesn’t have any of the ones I consider questionable additions to chai (pepper is one, but fennel is probably the worst). The spices are strong enough that you can re-boil them at least two or three times more. It’s a very aromatic blend as you can probably imagine, and will fill your house with a strong, warm, sinus-clearing kind of smell. If you haven’t tried cardamom in tea before, this could be very interesting indeed for you. Also, I don’t find that cinnamon is the strongest favour here as it is with some other chais (here it’d probably be ginger), so you may be in for a pleasant surprise if you try this.

I simmer a large amount of the spice in a pot of water until the water’s very dark and then strain it and add sweetener and soy milk (theoretically, you could drink it without either, but I’d not recommend drinking it without at least some sweetener since the spices have that sharpness to them). It’s perfect! The strong, spicy taste is comfort in a cup to me. It’s like the culinary equivalent of a fleecy blanket. This tea has it all: incomparable flavour, no caffeine to keep you up in inconvenient times, it’s affordable, it’s hand blended by a family company. Honestly, I can’t speak highly enough of this tea. It’s the best chai I’ve ever had, for sure.

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