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A tea I received in pouch of Devon’s Advent calendar yesterday and yes, I had it actually yesterday, but a bit puzzled what to write about this one.

My pouch says just “SF Chai”, but it is luckily quite obvious it is this one; it is powder/instant tea and overall I am not much fan of chais at all. This one contains as well milk powder which I was actually the most scared about.

“Just add hot water” sounds like typical preparation method, but no steeping time reminds me teadrops. And this contains sugar too. How much? Who knows.

So I did as intended and even brought smaller mug, as I didn’t wanted a watery milky something like chai.

I have been surprised. A lot. First of all, it is not that sweet, secondly the milk is actually quite okay, thirdly it is mellow in spices.

Spices… well, I noticed just cloves, little ginger and loads of saffron. The last makes sense, the other ones were muted.

The base was surprisingly robust and milk powder mellowed it. I won’t get it again, but well, this is memorable, as one of the better instant teas I ever had.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 OZ / 200 ML

Sounds interesting!

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drank Cardamom Chai by QuikTea
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I picked this up at an Indian market a few weekends ago – I love cardamom and the box wasn’t expensive, so I thought it’d be worth a try. The base is your usual CTC Assam, and it doesn’t taste like much of anything. It’s slightly bitter, but that’s about all I’m getting. So maybe it’s actually a bit worse than your usual CTC Assam. The cardamom flavor is strong, but the cardamom and the base don’t come together particularly well. Plain, the tea is barely drinkable. Fortunately, though, it’s much improved by a generous splash of soymilk. I suppose that’s to be expected for a chai, which this (sort of) is. I’m enjoying it reasonably well this way, and I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble finishing off the box. But it’s not something I’ll be buying again – I’d be interested to try a similar tea made with a (much) higher-quality base, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer a full-on chai for those times when I’m in the mood for spice tea.

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