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I am registering this a la Ricky’s instructions! (Blush – Jason guessed who the culprit was!) My hubby ordered the Bamboo Tea Tray from www.purepuer.com as a Christmas gift for me. When he called the number listed on their website he was impressed with how very helpful they were, and when he chose the tea tray he wanted, it got here LIGHTNING fast! We were very happy with the service. I haven’t tried their teas yet, but after the good experience ordering this item from them, we may have to give them a try!


OMGOMGOMG! I just went to their site and looked at their gaiwans. WANT

Thank you so much for the heads-up :D

Meghann M

Beautiful stuff, love there teapots and cups!


Rabs: I love the gaiwans, too! I want the Four Gentlemen tea canisters, the bone tea holder, the Song tea set with two cups….on and on. The leaf bamboo tea scoop is one of the prettiest I have seen.
Meghann: There is just so much to love on their site! My hubby got me the large bamboo tea tray so I can get a Yixing or Chao Zou set or possibly a Chawan. It has lovely lines and proportions. The glass cup (sold out right now) is one of the prettiest I have seen.

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