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Not gonna lie, I feel like perhaps I got a bit irrationally excited when I saw this kombucha the last time I went grocery shopping. I think I’m maybe on a bit of a ‘basil in tea’ kick right now!? It’s really more of a pineapple focused flavour though, which I’m also very okay with. Kind of a sweet ripe pineapple taste balance by the tang of the kombucha vinegar. I had the Golden Pineapple kombucha from GT’s a while back and this is actually a lot more the type of pineapple note I expected from that kombucha but wasn’t quite getting. The basil comes through in the undertones bleeding into the aftertaste. A subtle herbaceous and savory element that seems to draw out and make the pineapple notes even more juicy.

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This is a kombucha that I am 100% going to have the try again because when I cracked into the bottle it was after a 40 minute hot, crammed metro ride and twenty minute walk outside in scorching, humid heat to the part. What I’m really saying by that is…

Once the bottle was open, I drank this is like five seconds flat.

Didn’t taste a thing – but felt so refreshed!

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drank Lime Mint by PUR Kombucha
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From a few weeks ago – at my manager’s birthday party in the park!

I didn’t want to bring beer or other bottled alcohol beverages because I don’t really drink, but I definitely wanted some kind of refreshing and cold thing to drink over the afternoon so what I opted for was obviously kombucha. I grabbed this and one other, both new to me flavours from this brand – which has been hit or miss.

This was actually the best of all the kombucha I’ve had from this brand so far! It was definitely a very bright and sweet tasting lime, reminding me a little bit of Mike & Ikes or Lime Skittles – not quite that sugary though. The mint was surprisingly light and mild, but I appreciated the hint of cooling sensation in the finish, especially on a hot day!

This is definitely something that I would but again – it was just right.

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drank Cranberry by PUR Kombucha
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Not a fan of this one – it was really tart for a kombucha, and I don’t mean vinegary/acidic/tangy but tart. I guess that makes sense for Cranberry, but it wasn’t offset with any sweetness or juiciness so it just wasn’t a super enjoyable flavour for me…

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Last week I went shopping at the European market/grocery store that I walk by on my way from the office to the metro basically daily. I’ve walked by it for over a year now, and this was the first time I’ve felt tempted to look around…

There was actually a lot of very cool things and I picked up a good packpack worth of interesting sounding foods/treats for myself. One of the things I included was this kombucha, which is from a brand I’ve never seen before. It was pretty tasty, but definitely just tasted like a generic “wild berry” or “forest berry” flavour profile and not particularly like a specific fruit/berry. For the price though? Well worth it.

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