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drank Cidreira by Pingo Doce
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In my mind this seems to be a sort of lemon-y creamy tea. It’s certainly lemon but it’s more of a spicy lemon than creamy. But then again, I could be completely off base for what lemon balm infusion means, so perhaps take this with a grain of salt.

Thanks cteresa for sending me this to try out!


Glad you found it interesting, it´s non caffeine and non hibiscus but not too wimpy.
There is no base, this is 100% leaves of a certain herb. Lemon balm is just the name in english, no real lemons involved at all. In Portuguese it is called cidreira (which now I think of it might be related to this distant relative of the lemon), and the real name is melissa officinalis.

It´s difficult to compare to other herbs, but well now you had those, you can compare.


It was interesting! Thanks again :)

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drank Cidreira by Pingo Doce
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Another tea from cteresa after my bad luck with another Melissa (lemon balm) tea. I have a cold right now so I hope hot lemon-y tea with honey helps and I think the website recommends some honey with this too :) Unlike the tea I’d previously tried, this one is more lemony, and certainly more delicate. The taste is grassy and a little smoky, and with a spoonful of meli (honey)… perfect. Definitely a herbal tea for me :D

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I am glad you liked it! This is nothing special just the supermarket´s own lemon balm tea and what I had at hand at home. But you had mentioned the other lemon balm tea has being sort of musty, and noooo lemon balm is not musty at all, it is very nice herb indeed! Glad I could send you a better one, even if it was a very ordinary take on it!

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