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My favorite junk food tea. I make it blended with ice, milk, some vanilla, and honey.

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drank Vanilla Chai Latte by Pacific Chai
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I saw this at the grocery store on sale so I decided to pick up this flavor and the “mocha” flavor. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the two canisters is there is not much smell difference between the two. I also later noticed that is is produced by the local favorite hot chocolate maker, Stephen’s hot chocolate, if anyone is familiar with it. I can say that their hot chocolate is pretty awesome. So this should be interesting.
I ignored the part about water because I wanted something a bit more substantial. I wanted to not that if you wanted this cold with milk it would have to be skimmed off the top because it didn’t mix in the best. The end product was a frothy, vanilla smelling cup of I don’t know what to call. The vanilla is there and it is very nice. But to call this chai is very, very misleading. The subtle spice is very much a background note when mixed with milk. I’ll have to see if the same holds true for this mixed with water. This would be something that I mixed once in a while and not on a very consistent basis because as far as chai goes, I wouldn’t consider this one.

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