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Ok! Tea time- also known as the precious hour and a half of my day where it feels remotely cool enough to drink tea.
Tomorrow will be 115 degrees, which seems an impossible temperature. Tuesday only 114.
So I’m going to savor every drop I can.
This is a very mild, nutty tea. A gentle black blend. I’m enjoying it, but not entirely in love with it.


Come see us! Could you handle some upper 80’s?


Upper 80’s would be sweater weather for me!

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It’s September! And I am wishing so much for cold weather- no dice. It’s going to be 112 here this weekend.
But I shall drink this nice lavender tea to try to encourage cold weather. Am I the only one who thinks that lavender is a cold weather flavor?


I get that … lavender is a little cloying in tea, and it sounds like your weather is cloying enough!


110s :(

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My goodness, but this is one gentle black tea. There are mornings that I need to be eased into the day, my sleepiness coddled. This is a good tea for those kinds of days.
Autumnal, without tasting like a cliche, I look forward to more of this.

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